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Sunday, 13 January 2019

The Lord Almighty

I am the Lord Almighty.

There is none like me.

I created all things

See my hand at work in the heavens.

Watch out for signs and wonders in the skies. foretold to you long ago.

You watchmen on the towers. look to the skies. look to the heavens.

I shall come to you like a thief in the night. Do not be found asleep.

Behold I am already prepared and I shall come with a heavenly host

Remember your former days in slavery when you were bound in chains. I broke your chains and set you free. Stretch out your hands and taste the freedom I have purchased for you

I the Lord speak blessings over you

Move into the glorious future that I have for you.

I am calling you to do something you have never done before. You will not want to do it! It will be uncomfortable for you! You will find it hard!

Yet I the Lord am calling you forth into your future. Are you ready to get hands dirty. Do not call unclean that which I purified. Am I not God! Am I not Almighty!

Reach out into the dirt and bring forth the people of the nations.

Wash and clothe yourselves with the garments of praise.

Call out unto me and I will show my hand.