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 I have seen your deeds I am El shaddai God Almighty It is I who open doors for my children  It is I who closes doors too I am like a shephe...

Monday, 10 December 2018

Time for the harvest

A time of harvest is coming

Be ready Be prepared

My spirit is moving like never before

The time of greater miracles is at hand

The young will prophesy
The young will heal the sick
The young will raise the dead
The seas will part once again

The birth pains are already happening.

The nations are placing my holy city in israel once more.

I have seen from heaven and have ordered change despots will dethroned. Evil kings will depart.

Evil will be called out
No longer will evil be tolerated

Heaven is reordering earth.

Listen to my spirit

Taste and see

Honey and nectar shall flow from my books.

Gold and precious jewels will adorn my temple once more.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

most important possession

My dear child you are my most important possession.

I value you beyond words.

I have made you a prince in my Kingdom.

I have bestowed upon you my own authority.

My Kingdom will operate in your midst.

You the temple of God, are an army of people.

Every part supports the whole.

My temple is being raised upon the earth.

I am constantly speaking blessing and love to you

Come and taste my love
Come and smell my fragrance
Come and feel my joy

I am the God who knows you, I created you.

I knew you before I made the universe

I planned your days before creation itself.

I have taken your infirmity from you.

My gift to you today, is waiting for you.

Trust my word to you.

I offer life and peace and fulfillment.

Come and see.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Come to me

My dear child, come to me and I shall redeem you.

I have already purchased your freedom but you need to come and claim it.

Your freedom was purchased, I entered hell itself and took back the keys to death and hell.

Death has been vanquished.

You shall gain life if you come to me.

I purchased it for you and offer it today without cost.

Believe in me and live.

Hold on to faith

Hold on to your faith like breath itself

For faith is the key to the door of His kingdoms blessing.

Do not give up. Holy is the Almighty
He is God

He alone is sovereign

Praise Him for He alone is worthy to be praised

The sun rises and sets at His bidding

Be in in awe of His mighty hand

He alone governs the stars

Majestic is His name high above all

Yet He chose you to bring forth His kingdom on earth

Be filled with wonder at His power

Yet He calls you friend and beloved

Praise the Lord

The order has been given by the Father in heaven. A messenger with His resolution has been despatched.

He is here to guide you into your future.

Listen to Him! He breathes life into dead bones! He opens blind eyes and deaf ears! He is resurrection and life!

He will open up the kingdom's storehouses and pour out blessing upon blessing

Come see if His blessings do not taste sweet as honey

Saturday, 10 November 2018

God has power

God has power to fill you with his Spirit such that you share in His fulness.

He alone can guide you through valleys to mountains. Journey with Him and be blessed in all things.

He has power to lift you above circumstances.

Such a person is a bird in flight gliding above the rough seas that uses the wind to make the journey easier.

When the wind swells in strength you rise to the heights above the storm.

Do you know the freedom my Spirit gives.

Experience my Spirit and know the truth set before you.

My child I love you beyond words
You are my beloved.

I want you to know me as I know you.

Come to me and find adoption as Sons of God.  Let me pour out my love into you. Let me fill you to  overflowing

Let my light shine in and through you to your circumstance.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Shadowy places

I am looking for my children in shadowy and arid places.

I descend into the mire and search for those who have drifted away.

Be at peace. For I shall not rest until you are in my arms.

You yearn for me
You look for me

Be constantly alert
Be not afraid

I shall come for you, for you are my most treasured possession.

Though you have wandered away and are lost in the open seas

I am a light on a rock which shines in the night.

Look for a sign be alert. Keep watch.

Look in every direction and turn to the source of light.  For I am a house of safety for the needy.

My child you are a prince in my kingdom. Do you not know that you shall inherit my Kingdom and share my throne.

Be blessed.

Arise my soul arise

Arise my soul arise.
From weary depths to highest heights.

No longer shall you be downcast
But life shall arise from the depths

For even deep darkness is as light to my Lord
I go to the heights  He is there
I go to the depths  He is there

There is nowhere to hide from His presence.

Oh Lord you are worthy of my praise. Worthy of my heart.

There is none like you in all the heavens.

You are creator and sustainer of all things.

My soul delights in your law, it blesses my soul.

You have written your law in my heart.

Worship the Lord oh my soul.
His benefits are great.

Gone is pride
Gone is arrogance
Gone is self-loathing.

I am his beloved and He is mine.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Desend to us now

Father, as we gather this day.
Let the peace of the living God, descend upon our hearts.

We know that you desire good gifts for your children.

Let us take from your open hand.
Let us taste the sweet fellowship, that you offer us today.

You have already blessed us.
Continue to make your blessings known to us.

Open our eyes to see.
Open our ears to hear.
Open our minds to comprehend.

Yet you are incomprehensible!
We cannot understand your greatness.

Your majesty too lofty for us to know.

Father we ask you for favour.
Let blind eyes see.
Let deaf ears be unstopped.

You are our sustaining power.
Without you we are nothing.

We worship your name, high above all others.

In your presence all names bow their knee.

Demons cannot stand, your unfailing love, its drives them away.

So Father let's soak in your unfailing love.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Consuming fire

I am a consuming fire.
I reign in victory and power.
My name carries triumph wherever it goes.

Your life shall reflect beauty as I refine it.

Come to me my child let me guide you into your future.

Think my thoughts.

Do my deeds.

Follow me and I shall teach you.

No weapon formed against you shall be triumphant over you.
For I have won the victory.

Rest in the victory that I have secured for you.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Love beyond measure

My dear children I love you beyond measure.

You are my beloved.

I am searching for you.
My heart longs to join with yours.

Come and dine at my table,   set for kings and queens. For you are a co-heir with me of fathers kingdom.

There is a place I am preparing for you. I am waiting for you.

You share in my authority for my father gave it to me and I have shared it with you.

Come join me on my throne and rule my kingdom. I am your helper. I have given you purpose. Let me help you find it.

Let me renew your soul.
Let me refresh you.
Let me guide you.

My children come to me and I shall renew your strength.

Friday, 28 September 2018

For the Good of all Men

Seek good, not evil, that you may live.

My child seek the utmost for your fellow. Whether he is of good character or not.

Seek the best for your friend and your adversary.

For my courts bless those who seek good for all, as I do.

You yourself have an advocate who seeks favour and pardon on your behalf.

I am that advocate.

Come lets us dine together and commune together.

Lets us agree a plan for your salvation and redemption.

Come to me and receive favour

Come to me and let my grace  adorn you.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

God of all comfort

My dear children.

I am the God of all comfort.

Though you pass through the flames of hell and its stench fills your house.

Even then, I am with you,
Every knee has to yield because my name is above every name.

I have purchased the keys of death and hell . I entered hell itself and took back from the thief that which I gave to you when I created you.

You have always been my beloved

I gave up my most precious possession that I might gain your love.

I am a righteous judge there is non higher than me.

Come to my appointed advocate and present your case before me.

Behold I have already won your case you only need to claim what is already yours

I set it aside for you before I created the universe

Saturday, 8 September 2018

The seen and the unseen

I created the seen and the unseen out of nothing. I set the stars in their orbits and know them by name.

Tell me is there any one else like me  in the heavens.

Yet I am your helper. Declare your hearts desire in my courts. I decided in your favour even before your case was presented before me  for before I made the universe I knew you.

I know your thoughts and your deeds even before you do. For I know all things. I am your friend become my friend and I shall tell you my greatest secrets.

There is blessing for you and your clan.

Come to me and I will supply.
Come to me and I will heal.
Come to me and I will forgive.
Come to me and I will rout your enemies.

My child you are important to me. You are unique in all creation. There is none like you. And I gave you purpose. Come to me and I will align your heart to my heart. In deed your heart will be renewed.

I will give you strength and vitality.

Your are my chosen one. Out of all creation I chose you to bring my kingdom to the lost and hurting.

Be found in me and be healed.

Be found in me and be supplied.

Be found in me and be declared righteous.

You are like a precious gem or metal. I search for you. Yet your sin hides me behind a cloud.

Lay your sin down dont pick it back up. For this is always your undoing.

Do not return to old ways.

I told you there is a new season on the earth. I am coming soon to claim my own. Get ready. Be prepared. Don't hold back in coming to me.

All I want for you is available to you. I stand beside you holding your gifts before you. Yet you think you have limited choice. Yet I tell you, everything I am holding before you, is yours.

Take and eat.

Taste and see.

See if I am not sweet as honey.

Yes I am coming to claim my own.

Prepare your hearts and minds for a revolution in these days.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

A day of new beginnings

This is my day of new beginnings. Today I declare a new season over your life. I declare that you shall overcome that difficulty that seems to hold you back.

My toughest warriors are hardened in many battles.

Behold I will contend with those who contend with you. I am with you holding your hand and guiding you.

If you stumble I am there to steady you. I will guide you around obstacles if you remain close and connected.

I am your advocate in heavens courts. Tell me your case and I will argue in you favour.

My Father is a righteous judge and He is always fare.