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Tuesday 10 December 2019

Come let us rebuild our city (part 2)

I called the elders of the city to meet me under the great tree in the outer court.

They came and met with me, grumbling about the walls of the city

So I said to them, 'Do not be dismayed for I have the favor of my king!

See he has already sent supplies and provisions and everything we need to rebuild the city'.

I took them to the harbour and they saw ships I had brought.

They marveled at the generosity of my king.

So they called the people of the city and gathered labourers and skilled men of all kinds.

They began to rebuild their city with each clan, tribe and house given a section to rebuild

So the elders set about rebuilding the city.

Soon word spread about what we were doing and a cheer went up and the people marveled at the things we were doing.

I looked and saw childern dancing in the street and musicians playing the harp and the lyre.

The people marveled at the sight and were greatly encouraged

Our bitter enemy looked and saw what we were beginning to accomplish and they were terrified 'If we can destroy their city and ruin its people and yet they have begun to do this. What have they planned for us ? They were greatly discouraged, many of them fled, just a handful remained.

When the elders saw the enemy fleeing they were greatly encouraged and sent word to the skilled fighting men and present themselves to those of our enemy that remain. So it was done, When our bitter enemy saw us coming they to fled so they gave chase. They chased them shouting and waving their spears as far as the cities outer limits. They sent word to the city elders and a great cry wentout from the people of the city. And so the enemy was routed on that day. 

The gates of the city were set in place and its towers and walls rebuilt.

People flocked from all the land to see the works we had achieved.

They marveled at the wonders of the city.

Jehovah Jireh provides and has given his angels charge over you.


Monday 9 December 2019

Rebuild the city walls

My Lord

The walls of my city stand in ruins and its people are desolate 
There is no protection for the people of the city.

Go! said the king you have found favour in my sight

Rebuild your city take anything from my kingdom that you need!

So I built ships and sailed to my city 

From oak and cedar I built them.

When I got to my city its people were discouraged

So I said to them, come I have ships and everything we need let us rebuild our city and make it a sight to behold once more. 

No longer will the jackel nest in its walls and the crow find comfort there 

Let us build a city fit for children to play in the streets and let singers and dancers celebrate how we have triumped over advercity

The enemy will be routed from our land and its people live in health and vitality once more

Let lepers be cleansed and the lame walk.

Let blind eyes be opened and deaf ears be unstopped. 

Let the city prosper once more  

let visitors come from the surrounding nations and marvel at everything we have done.

Do not be dismayed for you have the favour of your king!

Do not fear! Your enemy is under your feet.

You have been given victory.


Thursday 21 November 2019

Stars and Sand

Abraham, because you have not withheld your son , your only son. I will make your decendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the shore.

Your Stars and Sand season is at hand.

Believe in me and also my Son.

Be prepared to give up your future and dream.

And I shall open up the windows of heaven.

Become as a child and trust me

I shall bless you with health, wealth, vitality, your youth will be renewed, even though you are advanced in years you shall become young.

I say honour your parents and live a long life.

Do not run with thieves and scoundrels for it will be your undoing and you will lose even your very life.

Behold my gifts are yours for all time.

I offer salvation, mercy, grace, forgiveness and I shall bless you abundantly.

Take my words to heart and put its teachings into practice.

Then you will prosper.

Look after widows and orphans and do not neglect the hungry.

Be sure my refreshing rain is coming into your life

Do you know who you have within you?

Surely it is the God of comfort who has power to heal,

Out of your belly flows a stream of living water

Place your hands on your stomach and recieve the answer to your prayer by faith.

You shall feel it rise up from the depths of your being.

And you shall be healed and your iniquity taken away.


Saturday 16 November 2019

Jesus Lives

Come raise a song of praise

Open your eyes

Death has been defeated

Its power broken for all time

Eternity beckons you forth

I have ordained a new heaven and earth

My plan is that:

health conquer sickness

wealth conquer poverty

joy conquer sorrow


love conquer hate

Who would not want my plan?

Join me now and begin to call it forth in your life

For you it has been ordained since time began

I have planned your days and am calling it forth

My angels are working hard to help you!

Why not help them to minister to you?

Become aware of their presence in your midst for you are never alone.

Open your heart and take the gifts they offer you.

Even now they are working to bring about my plan for your life.

There is a fresh annointing available so raise a song of praise and thank him for his overwhelming love for you. He plans to prosper you.

You shall become everything I have planned for you!

I never promised a life of ease but remain faithful and I shall help you .

I am present even in the darkness so do not dispair

Call to me! Even then.

I have promised never to harm you

Never again will I flood the earth.

See the rainbow a symbol of my unending love for you

Next time it rains and the bow is seen in the sky remember my unending love.

There shall be a refreshing fire it shall burn in your heart and cleanse your soul.

He is the Lord of all heaven and earth

He is alpha and omega

He knows the story of your life.

Trust his judgements over your life

Now you see darkly as through fog  but soon all will become clear.

Be patient, the fog will lift and you will see.

As the morning mist is burned away by the sun so I will burn away the fog that is around you.

So come, abide in my presence.


Monday 11 November 2019

God's Purposes

God has a purpose for your life

Esther was queen yet symbolic of an orphan generation

Her people were chosen for genocide by the kings admiral

Yet Esther when petitioned by Mordecai to approach the king was enboldend to go before the king at risk of her life

She had to do something counter cultural and almost suicidal

Yet she approached the king and won his heart

The kings admiral was hung on the gallows meant for Mordecai

What were you born for ??

Have you found your purpose ??

Has your appointed time manifest yet ??

Your life will be significant for that people group God has called you to.

Some of you are living your appointed calling

Others are still searching

Still others are waiting for the fulfilment of time

Yet ALL are called according to His purpose

Remember God's timing is perfect

You shall accomplish God's purposes in due course.

By His sovereign will you shall fulfill your appointed calling

Become wise and cunning regarding God's purposes for which you are called

This very week some will have God's calling placed upon their life.

Do you know God's appointment for your life??

Does that make you fearful ,concerned, worried ??

Do not yield to fear for it shall enslave you!

A child of God who has the heart of a lion need not be afraid for you have within you the Spirit of God.


Heavens Courts

My Holy Spirit is with those who worship me

I have bestowed his power on you

Yet sin gives the evil one grounds and authority to oppress you

Do not let the sun set without first humbling yourself and submitting to God

The final decree binding satan for all time was signed at calvary it is the only decree we need to vanquish satan for good

So why let him govern your life as though he was Lord.

Act now and do not doubt believe in the power of calvarys sacrifice

You will face opposition he will kick and scream like an angry child but remember You have the authority of the lion of judah behind any act of faith.

Your acts of faith accomplish much and your righteousness is seen by God the Father. And He responds with the  kindness of grace and favour.


Dark places

Remember you are children born of God

Do not allow the world to pollute your soul
For you are being redeemed

Why clean the cup only to dirty it again

Do you not know those around you drink of your essense

You walk among them and they are sanctified by Gods light that is within you.

You bring light into their darkness and lead them

Have you not felt darkness leave when you enter the abode of satan

This is the valley of shadows

Those whom have made darkness their abode

When you pass through dark valleys  and shadows remember my light is there for I have gone ahead of you

There is nowhere to hide from my presence

I am in the storm and the wind

I am in the rain and the hail

I am in the sun by day and the moon by night

Do not think the cup is cleansed without cost

It cost much

I am gentle and patient.

 I know your heart for I am molding it into the likeness of my Son

Be patient for I am patient

Be loving for I am loving

Be kind for I am kind

Look after the poor and broken

For when you do you look after me

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Rulers rise and fall

Rulers rise and fall by my hand

I am the Lord of all

I steer mens hearts and minds

Men plot and scheme in vain for I am sovereign and above all

I weave mens choices into my perfect plan for I am alpha and omega

I know all things

I know your innermost thoughts and feelings those you hide behind your image

I say to you rulers be men and women of substance and not image

Do not put your hope in vain imagination but lean on the rock a firm foundation

Jesus the rock upon which is founded all decency and upstanding

Let Him be your guide and stay close to him

He leads your heart and mind

And though you are misunderstood hold fast to his leading

For when you do he shall prosper you


Sunday 3 November 2019

Divine Exchange

We declare the Lords greatness

We declare Him the exalted One

His name is Jesus

He is our battle cry who reigns on High

Above all our pain and heartache

Above our sorrows and dissatisfactions

When we live in His presence we stand aside from our sorrows and pains

To live in that moment of Divine exchange for all time from this moment forth is what we need above all else.

When this happens we change kingdoms and domains from one centred on pain to one centred on wholeness and vitality.

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Fire and judgement

I am the God of fire and judgement

Come to me and I shall cleanse your soul

I shall judge you as righteous in my courts

You are my beloved children

I created you

I know when you rise and when you sit

I was there when you passed through shadows and dark times

Have I not been faithful

Have I not proved myself to be a blessing to you

Do you not see ?

I have laid out my path before you

Come commune with me and I shall instruct you in the way you should go

I shall speak in dreams and visions

I shall teach you and you will know what to do and what not to do.

You shall do exploits and deeds reserved for mighty warriors for I shall arm you and train you

Sunday 27 October 2019

The lord is good

The Lord is good

The Lord is kind

The Lord is a blessing to you

He is more than able to meet all your need

For he is Jehovah Jireh your provider

His name shall be "God is present" over your life

Come and be restored in his presence

Right now God is moving over you

His shadow is over you

Find rest there

Find peace there

Find joy there

His abundance meets every need

Everything you need is found in Him

Come and dine at my table

Feast in my presence

You will find peace for your soul

And healing for your body

He is a soothing balm and ointment poured out for many.


Sunday 20 October 2019

The lord liveth

The Lord liveth

He alone creates by mere speech

He alone governs the seas

All creation sings His praise

Even the mighty behemoth yields before Him

Surely He is worthy of praise

Therefore lift Him up and decare His Name

above all.

Let Joy be found in your heart due to his unending love for you

He answers your prayers from heaven

He never breaks His promises

He is with you  always

He prospers your soul His Word is true

His law is written on your heart and mind

Therefore praise him with heart and soul and spirit


Saturday 19 October 2019

Extol the mighty name

Extol the mighty Name of the Lord

He is victorious in battle

And mighty in power

Before Him all will bow their knee

He created all things by His Word

He rides the clouds

He makes his presence known in the fire by night

And the cloud by day

And I will worship Him

I will give him my life

For he is worthy of honour and praise

He is Lord God the Almighty

He knew me before He planned creation

He ordained my steps and I will walk in them

I will praise Him as long as I live


Thursday 10 October 2019

Remember offences no more

I  remember your offences no more.

I have blotted them out of my mind

For I lavished my Love upon you.

I present you as blameless before my

I chose you above all creation to pour my Love into.

I shall fill you to overflowing.

There shall be no room for doubt or fear.

Love shall be your heart, I shall give you my Heart.

Behold everything that is mine is yours

My  hand is open and I am standing beside you

Do not hold back.

Take from my hand, it is yours.

My dear beloved you are so precious to me.

I gave myself for you.

You have a share in my Kingdom. You shall rule with me for I have bestowed upon you the keys of the Kingdom

No door to blessings shall remain locked.

The holder of keys is beside you. Ask and the door will be opened

The Kingdom is yours. I am your helper. Declare your hearts desire in my courts and yield to my rulings for I am a perfect judge who knows all things, nothing is secret from me

Yet you have an adversary. He does not want what I want , indeed he seeks to bring  confusion to your mind.

You are my child, within you, beats the heart of the Lion of Judah.

For you are my offspring.

So I tell you out of your heart your mouth shall speak.

I gave you my Heart when I redeemed you.

Do you know me my child, am I still a stranger to you.

Come to me and you shall dine with me at my table.

A feast is prepared and waiting for you.

Thursday 3 October 2019

The time has come

The time has come !

I put you on the path to your destiny

You have been given keys

there purpose is to unbind those entombed in darkness

they are bound in grave clothes yet still live

You will face opposition, but do not relent, push through until all barriers have been moved aside

The task is great but not insurmountable

You have the knowledge and power

for I purposed it for you long ago.

It is Your destiny

I have given you the keys required, learn to use them my child

My Word shall come to you as you sleep in the night

You will dream dreams and see visions of my purposes stored up for you

Do not hold back
Push forward


Wednesday 25 September 2019

Take Heed !

Remember  judgement will come by plague and famine and sword,

for it has been ordained since times gone by.

Adulterers and fornicators will come under judgement together with the saints.

Take heed !

Listen !

Take warning !

Time is short !

I shall come when you least expect it!

Do not be unprepared!

Do not take grace and trample it by not being thankful!

Remember the lepers! Only 1 sought Him out and gave thanks.

Many will escape, as through flames, their deeds will be burned up and will recieve their due reward.

but those who have stored up treasure in heaven will have an abundance

Be like the few not the many.

Take heed I have spoken.

Be found in me for I am the embodiment of love. Those found in me shall live and they shall judge. Even the angels shall come under their judgement for they have proved themselves worthy.

I am the door to blessing, mercy and honour.

Come to me my children.

Let me gather you as a swan gathers her chicks.

Nestle under my wings.

I shall protect you with wings of power and might and strength.

Find shelter from the wind and waves under my wings.

I shall teach and admonish.

I shall love and warn.

I shall  heal and curse.

Dont be alarmed for I have already cursed death. It's power vanquished.

I have cursed sickness and wrought healing for your body.

Better to have little with a heart of love and peace than to have great wealth with bitterness and turmoil.   

A man who sits in the dark is lost but the man who rests in the light sees all.

The virgin who keeps her oil lamp burning is prepared but the lazy shall suffer.

I am coming for my bride, there shall be feasting at my table

Get ready !

Be prepared !

I have spoken.

Sunday 15 September 2019

Extol Him

Extol the mighty Name of the Lord

He is victorious in battle

And mighty in power

Before Him all will bow their knee

He created all things by His Word

He rides the clouds

He makes his presence known in the fire by night

And the cloud by day

And I will worship Him

I will give him my life

For he is worthy of honour and praise

He is Lord God the Almighty

He knew me before He planned creation

He ordained my steps and I will walk in them

I will praise Him as long as live


Sunday 8 September 2019

Awesome God

Praise the Lord
Bless Him for all He has done

He has created all things and sustains them by His Word.

All authority is His

He parted the seas and makes his presence known in pillars of fire and the smoke.
He stores up rain and hail
He guides the wind and ordains the paths of the seas
He alone knows the stars by name

He orders the paths of the planets and keeps their orbits.

He hung the world on nothing and keeps it by His sovereign will.

Who is man that He even thinks us worthy?

We are His offspring!

He is our maker and sustainer.

Is He not worthy of praise and worship?

Does man store up rain for release in season?

Does man know the home of the east  wind or know the depths of the seas?

Does man  store up snow for due season?

Can man create from nothing by mere speech?

I can ! God says.

He alone is worthy
He alone is eternal

The skies proclaim His Name
The seas announce His Presence
The rocks cryout his Worth.

You are His child He knows you.

He ordained your days and your steps.

You lack because you are outside His best plan for you
You have chosen your own way and ordained your own path.

Come back to His best future for you

Be restored to His will for you

He created you and gave you purpose

Be found in Him Today

Abundant blessing

Be blessed in these days

For I am about to pour out such a blessing

The like of which the world has never seen

It will come from ordinary people

Names and personalities will be brought low

Those who have sought their own glory will be exposed

Those who are nothing will lead the way

Those whom the world despises shall bring forth my kingdom

I will make the weak strong and those who are strong in their own eyes will perish

Therefore humble yourselves and pray

Ask the Lord and he shall deliver

Sunday 1 September 2019

I am the lord

I am the Lord .

There is none like me

I created you, I know you

You are my most treasured possession

I love you beyond your understanding

My love for you is greater than you could possibly imagine.

Come to me my child let me restore you

Let me heal you

Let me pull you out of the mire

I known you better than you know yourself

Dont be afraid for I will not break a damaged reed.

You are my child and I love you

You are my beloved


Thursday 29 August 2019


My lord my God I am covered in shame
You have departed from me.
You gave me a choice
My choice has lead me away from You.

Look upon me with favour once again my Lord.
What repentance do I need to offer my Lord?
How can I demonstrate remorse?
How can I be restored unto the path chosen for me?

Speak now for I am your humble servant.
I do not seek wealth or riches but You alone my Lord My God.

You know all things my Lord my God!
All my choices are laid before you like a book.

You are the Sovereign Lord.
You weave mens choices into your perfect plan.

You stand outside all creation and look upon the schemes of men.
Your sovereign will stands for all time

Let me partner with you once again.
Let the Word of the Lord be found in my heart and be placed upon my lips
Let me speak your Word and declare Your will to the nations.

Put an unquenchable fire in my heart for I am Yours
To You alone I belong.

You are my Hope.
You are my Strength.

Let your words be my Words my Lord my God.

Carry my sin my far from me, remember it no more.

Let me see what You see
Let me hear what You hear
Let me feel what You feel
Let me touch what You touch
Let me smell what You smell

Give to me your thoughts my Lord.
Give me an undivided heart and purity of thought.

Wednesday 28 August 2019


Dear children you were bought at great price.

You have been redeemed and are set free with another taking punishment in your stead.

Remember your former days in slavery. You have been set free

You are like gold hewn from the earth at great cost: your worth far exceeds the cost of your redemption.

Do not neglect your freedom for it cost much

Come to me my child

Recieve favour and grace from my hand.

You are in my presence and I offer you my very essence in exchange for your sin.

Exchange your pain, your heartache, your shame for comfort, joy and holiness.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Shaking with fear

Are you shaking with fear!

Is your heart troubled!

I shall bless you!

Trust in the power of my Name for it is high above every name.

Your struggle has not gone unnoticed, behold I have given the order on your behalf.

My angels are on their way, even now they surround you.

They stand with you with My gifts in open hand.

Taste and see

Come eat and drink my gifts which are offered freely with cost.

Friday 23 August 2019

United with Him in Spirit and Truth

I offered myself so that you could be united with me !

You are one with me in Spirit and Truth.

You who worship me in Spirit and Truth 

Are part of my very self for you are my hands and feet in a broken world 

It is you who shall usher in the next wave of blessing 

As you focus on the giftings I have placed within you, you usher in my Kingdom

You are a prince in my Kingdom and I have bestowed upon you my authority

Whatever you decree in my Name shall be done

There is an open heaven over you pull down my Kingdom right where you are.

My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom but a heavenly one 

You carry my Kingdom with you wherever you go.

Give heed to my voice within you for you know my voice

Do whatever I command you search my word and do not hold back 

Be like Abraham of old who did not hold back from offering his only son.

I knew he feared me because of his obedience 

and I credited it to him as righteousness

I have bestowed my righteousness upon you for you have none of your own 

you wear it like a garment 

likewise put on the garment of praise and worship me 




Tuesday 20 August 2019

Precious gems

Beloved sons and daughters

You are like precious gems hewn from the rock. I moved heaven and earth to find you!

Yet you are still rough and without form.

Come to me and will examine you. I will test you. Yet you will not be harmed for the parts I will grind away were never meant to be part of the you.

You walked among thorns and weeds and they stuck to you

You have carried them for so long you have become accustomed to them.

They have made your walk and gait strange.

Let me pull them off for you. You will not be harmed for my hand is gentle

Come to me my child let me untangle you.

Friday 16 August 2019

Rustling leaves

You are facing an unrivaled foe, a harsh enemy.

Listen out for a sign

Commune with me and I shall tell you what to watch for

Give supplication to me and you shall recieve from my hand

Listen and take heed. You will receive a sign in your midst. Listen for it ! Watch for it ! I have gone before you ! I have prepared the ground!

Do not press forward until you see the sign.

I have given the enemy into your hands

You shall be victorious in these coming days.

Wednesday 14 August 2019

The God of power

My child listen to me I am the God of your forefathers.

I have always been faithful to my oath to protect you.

Many have passed me by when I came to them. Do not be like them for I fight your corner, always, whether you come to me or not.

But I yearn for your friendship and trust

Come to me and I will make you great.

Are not burdens made light when shared with me.

You do not fight your bitter enemy alone.

I have gone before you.

I hem you in on every side.

Your enemy has to come through me to get to you !

Claim what I am holding before you!

See if I am not sweet and tender in your stomach.

Sunday 4 August 2019

The God who lives

I am the God who lives.

I see and know all things. There is nothing hidden from me.

I have redeemed you. You are mine.

You were lost but I searched for you.
You were mourning but I comforted you.
You were weak but I strengthened you.

My child come to me and refresh your soul.
I give new hearts and breathe live into dead bones.

Find fulfilment in me alone.

I will give you a new name and refresh your purpose.

Sunday 28 July 2019


My Holy Fire is being poured out across the nations
Even now healing balm and cleansing is given without measure

Worship me alone !

Nothing is impossible for me! For I created all things,
Seen and unseen have I created them.

Nations will turn to me.
Kings will turn to me
All men will turn to me

All men shall live under me

Death and decay will no longer assail your life

They are on notice from heavens courts.

Present your case before me

I have already decreed in your favour.

The spotless lamb of God has taken away your sin

Believe what has already been accomplished.

I give you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions

Nothing can be against you for I have defeated every foe that stands against you!


Friday 26 July 2019

Rain for the season

I am sending you rain fit for the season you are in.

I send rain on the rich and the poor on the happy and the sad on the good and the bad

Come to me my child and refresh yourself in my rain.

Come into my presence and find cleansing and balm for you soul.

My rain is good for everything that grows and lives.

Find prosperous abundance in me my child.

Sunday 21 July 2019

I always act in your favour

Listen to me my child I am going to act.

Your portion shall be multiplied . I tell you, use the yardstick I shall give you. For mine is a righteous measure. You shall receive your inheritance in full measure.

I have heard from heaven and shall act.

Your prayers have been heard.

You shall receive from my hand.

My gifts are always before you. I never withhold any good gift.

Come to me my child. Be found in me and be blessed.

Abide in me and live.

Wednesday 17 July 2019


I am the Creator of all things

Nothing is too difficult for Me.

I have authority.

Let the lame walk
Let the deaf hear
Let the blind see
Let health and vitality be yours

I bind any and every spirit that stands against my will for your life.
My power is over your life.

I will prosper you even though you have nothing
I will open your eyes to perceive my kingdom

You shall think my thoughts
You will do my deeds
You shall hear my words and I shall motivate you to action.

My Spirit will inhabit you.
I have given my angels instruction and they are stood with you
They have with them everything you need.

Take and eat, nothing will be held back
For I desire to give Good gifts to all my children.

See if my gifts are not sweet as honey.


I am the true vine and am always fruitful.

No branch bears fruit by itself. It must remain connected

In the same way remain rooted in Me and grow.

I am watching over my church guiding , building, nurturing.

Everything for growth is found in Me.

Come to Me my child and grow

I shall walk with you along the path.

My grace has covered your sins

I choose to forget them! Never again will I hold them against you!

You are white as snow.

Sunday 14 July 2019

Born for freedom

I chose you for freedom

Nothing can hold you back.

I washed all your sin away

You are as white as snow

All chains have been broken

Simply believe what I have already accomplished on your behalf.

You are free indeed

You are my beloved I have always loved you


Wednesday 10 July 2019

Isaiah 54:16-17 blacksmith

See I have created the blacksmith
who stokes the fire
and creates a weapon.

What use is a weapon if no one weilds it ?

Use the weapon that has been assigned to you !
Learn to weild it
Make it part of you.

Everyman has been given a purposeful fight
You don't have to fight on your own
Many have taken that path and lost everything

I am a strong tower and a mighty warrior
I shall train you and I will draw fighting men to your side 
so that your fight will not be alone.

Learn from me.
I am your sheild and strength.
See I ride into battle on the clouds.
I am by your side

It is my desire that none should be lost


Monday 8 July 2019

Judgement and fire

I am the God of judgement and fire

It was I who redeemed you.

I know you for I formed your inmost being.

Before the stars were made I knew you.

Come to me and recieve from my hand

Behold everything I have is yours

I gave it freely to you before the world was conceived.

I am your hiding place and refuge. A shelter from the stormy gale.

Is there any God like me in all the heavens. I create from nothing.

I am God to both great and small

To rich and poor

To prince and pauper

Come to me my child, take the scroll I am holding before you. Taste and see

Eat and drink what I am offering

I am a sustaining power

I am your friend

Allow me to come in and dine with you.

I have numbered you among the saints. Indeed you are a prince in my kingdom

Help me establish my kingdom upon the earth in these days.


Saturday 29 June 2019

the light within

My Light is within you
My Strength is with you

Put a song of praise on your lips and worship the Lord God Almighty.

He Alone is worthy to be praised

It is He who sends Fire.
He shall ignite a Fire in your soul.
That none can extinguish.

I shall write my Word on your heart and mind
Whomever receives  My Word and believes and obeys
shall open the window of heaven

My Glory shall be seen in dark places

Those whom I have sealed shall share my Glory
and sit at my table

They will enter the darkest of places
and shall carry my Light and guide those lost in darkness
They are a light house built on a Rock


Sunday 23 June 2019

A New Name Has Been Written Over You!

Today God is writing a new name over your family, your church, your town, your nation.

God is Present shall be the Name written over you.

I assign this Name because it is my desire to bring Salvation to you.

Salvation will come to you
Redemption will come to you
Power and Authority will come to you

For My desire is to see My Kingdom operating in your midst, from this day forth there shall be a new inheritance over you. I have made you princes and princesses of my Kingdom.

I have entrusted you with My Authority.

You shall speak and it shall be done.

Believe in your heart do not doubt for my Kingdom is not for the double minded

Believe me when I tell that your pain has been taken away. Do not say maybe God does not want this for me or maybe the timing isnt right I tell you Now your pain IS taken away. Why would you hold a gift in your hand and beleive you dont have it ??? Are you not doubled minded ??

I tell you! Your Sin HAS been PAID for and your Shame TAKEN AWAY!!


Friday 21 June 2019

My child

My child, I want to know you! My greatest desire is that you become my friend.

Be still and know that I am God!

You are my beloved.
You are my chosen.

Come to me and live.
Come to me and receive.
Come to me and I will show secrets beyond human comprehension,  My Spirit will make them known to you.

I am the  powerhouse of Love and a Fearsome Warrior.

I fought for you because I love you .
I defeated death and hell .
I hold the keys of hades.

Come to know me my child .

I love you beyond words.

I created the heavens and earth, the big and the small, it is I who holds all in their proper place.

Is there any other like me !

You are loved.
You are chosen.
You are free.


Tuesday 18 June 2019

Mourning shall turn to joy

Mourning shall turn to joy in my presence. Behold I have broken the chains of death and have secured the Victory on behalf of all creation.

Weep no more my child find comfort in my presence

Abide in me my child.
For I am the embodiment of love.

Those who abide in me shall find peace and joy and hope and grace and favour.

No longer will mourning be your lot for  I offer comfort and peace

Believe this truth and live

Behold I hold the keys of death and hell. Victory is mine. I bought your redemption before the world was conceived.

At that moment your salvation was purchased .  Behold I offer it to you now without cost.

Your debt has been paid in full.

You are like gold in a field, more precious and more valuable than the price of redemption


Sunday 16 June 2019

Life from death!

A glass tumbler is filled with water and placed in the light soon it goes stagnant and becomes infested.

The dead, infested  and stagnant shall become as fresh water when my river flows into it once more 

The reservoir of your soul shall be filled to overflow

I declare there to be Life were once there was death 

For I am the  God of new and fresh things 

Those who come to me shall be renewed with vitality and new giftings for new seasons.

Healing and  Wholeness are found in my Kingdom

My Kingdom shall never end 

Behold I have bestowed upon you Keys to doors long held shut.

Whatever you declare in my Name and not doubt shall be done for you, for I am for you, not against you. 

All my words are  spoken for your benefit and your healing.


Monday 10 June 2019

Ripe for harvest

The fields are ripe for a harvest !

Never before has there been a generation like this !

I am your God and you are my children.

Come to Me and be blessed with gifts beyond comprehension.

Never before have I gifted My children with what I am about to pour out!

You shall be the first among many generations

Both great and small shall prophesy

Rich and poor will speak and  I declare that they shall do things foretold to you long ago.

The former has gone, the new has come

Behold I am bringing to fruit those things my prophets of old talked about.

The nations shall be as one under me

Those that believe my Word and do it will increase upon the earth

Get ready, do not be found asleep. Wake up people!

Align yourself to Me and become whole.


Friday 7 June 2019

Making melody

Sing and make music with flute and lyre. Make a joyful melody. Rejoice with all your heart

For the lord has made you righteous and has cleansed your stains. You are white as snow.

Come into his presence with a glad and happy heart.

Your enemies have been routed and laid bare

They are as chaff that the wind blows away.

Rejoice all of Zion for I have chosen you to carry my Name to the 4 corners of the earth.

Be blessed in your work.

For I have given you purpose.

Be found in me and live.

Give your heartache and pain to me and recieve joy , gladness and freedom.

Tuesday 28 May 2019

A time of Favour

My children your time of favour is at hand, for I have remembered your suffering. It pains my heart to look upon your pain.

Look at the Sun and Moon. Does not the Moon  reflect the Sun's light in the darkness of night. Does not the seas water give light too.

I am there with you in the darkness. Look for signs. Watch. Search. Be vigilant and you will find them.

I am with you always. Align yourself to my Spirit. Let us tarry together and commune with one another.

Look for me and you will find me.

Do not leave the place I have brought you to. Move forward with intention and foresight.

Look at the trees how they search out water in arid regions . At the surface it looks like a desert. But the water is down deep in a reservoir

Trees that have shallow roots fall quickly. But trees that have deep roots remain sturdy even in strong  gales.

My strongest warriors have come through the hardest battles. Hardened as iron yet still be able to weep at injustice.

My heart weeps with yours.

I have become weary of seeing your suffering, I am raising up men and women even children in my strength, they shall do exploits. They shall quench thirsty lands and nations. They shall deliver my righteous justice to all people. They shall be as light to all men. They shall drive out evil from the highest of places. Many are those who would oppose me but they are as grass to the oxen. Pain. Misery. Suffering shall all be swollowed up in my victory. For my victory is absolute and final.       

Be at peace my child.

My blessings are coming
My favour is coming
My honour is coming
My riches are coming

Open your hands

Get ready for I am about to pour out blessing.

Monday 20 May 2019

The Redeemer

I am the God who redeems.

I am the God who saves.

I am the God who heals.

Is there any god like me?

I want to be your friend.

Come take my hand and I will guide you into your best future.

I offer you love beyond measure and undeserved mercy and favour in abundance

I will pour out unending blessing into your life.

I have your best interests at heart.

Come to me my child and receive your reward.

You have run with intention and foresight.

Be blessed because of it.

Behold I am holding every good gift before you.

 Now TAKE and eat.

 They shall produce a rich harvest in your soul.

Be blessed my children and find everything for life when you come to me.


Sunday 19 May 2019

compassions voice

My child you are of utmost importance to the coming of my kingdom.

You are the  greatest of my creation

I gave you dominion.

Who will usher in the next wave of blessing ??

You my child !!

As you focus on my gifts with in you

And use them to bless those around you.

Do not ignore the voice of compassion or the voice of reason.

I am not an unreasonable God !

Everything I do. I do FOR you!! Not against you!!

Wisdom is searching for you

Compassion is searching for you

Be open to their leading

Open your heart to compassion  and wisdom

For they are sources of power to those that believe.


Sunday 12 May 2019

The Creator

I am the God who made all things

I am the cornerstone of everything that is true

 Make me your foundation

Come and learn from me.

Allow me to teach you.

Let me be your guide.

Keep to the path I shall show you

Do not turn from it.

Neither left nor right.

Keep going forward

Your hearts desire shall be fulfilled when you make me your focus.

No good thing shall be kept from you.

I supply all good things, nothing bad or harmful is found in me.

Drop your cares and your worries at my feet and take release and  freedom from me.


Thursday 9 May 2019

All the earth shout out praise

All the earth shall shout out praise

I am the Lord Almighty there is none like Me in all the heavens

I redeemed you. You are Mine

You share My throne and reign with Me.

You share My authority. My Father gave it to Me and I have shared it with you.

Whatever you declare in my Name and not doubt shall be done for you.

Indeed as soon as your declaration leaves your lips, the order is given.

You are my beloved. I have loved you from before the universe was given its foundation.

I know you.

I fashioned you out of the dust of the earth.

I am the one who gives sight to blind eyes.

I open closed ears and mute lips

I breathe life into dead bones.

I am life.

I am joy.

I am peace.

I am provision.

Come to me and live.

Come to me and be blessed.

Come to me and rest.

Come to me and find security.

Come to me and be comforted.


My child I am your loving father

My child.

I am the God who creates
I am the  God who heals
I am the God who renders right judgement

Tell me who is like me?
Who can know?

I am the God who knows all things and I am with you. I shall never leave you.

Behold I am coming to claim my bride. She does not know when

Get ready. Do not be found asleep. Be watchful and read the signs fortold to you by my prophets of long ago.

Open your heart and hear my words of love and affection. I who comforts you am coming to claim you.

We shall be united.

Commune with me
Abide with me.

Come to me and I shall make you great
You will rule over kings and princes

You will reign with me forever.

Ps. I love you.

Your loving father.

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Holy is the lord

Holy is the Almighty
He is God

He alone is sovereign

Praise Him my soul for He alone is worthy to be praised

The sun rises and sets at His bidding

As I stand here I am in awe of His mighty hand

He alone governs the stars

Majestic is His name high above all

Yet He chose me to bring forth His kingdom on earth

I am filled with wonder at His power

Yet He calls me friend and beloved

Praise the Lord

Sunday 5 May 2019

God of love

Great is the Lord

He alone is God

He loves you and desires to give you your hearts desire

Find fulfilment in Him alone

He created the heavens and the earth

He hung the world on nothing

He sets the orbits of the planets

And named every star

This is the God who desires your friendship and love

He is not distant or hard to reach for he put His Spirit in you.

Out of your belly flows a river of living water

Let the flood gates open and nourish your soul

Praise Him for he is worthy to be praised


Saturday 4 May 2019

everlasting love

My Child I love you with an everlasting love.

I can do no other for I am the embodiment of love.

You may think me distant but I am with you, closer than your own shadow.

I am the light that shines within you.

My light shines even in dark and lonely places.

I know all things

Nothing is hidden.

I know when you sit down and when you rise up.

Behold I am Truth and always speak love and blessing into you

You may blame me for your pain and suffering but I never wanted  my creation to see death.

It broke my heart when those I loved turned against me.

I am your Father and Creator.

I will love you always even when you hate and dispise me.

I am looking for you. Will you come into the light of my love.

I promise to be with you always

I am always faithful and never break a promise.

Come and see.

Open the door

You alone hold the key.

Make your choice

You will not be dissapointed.

Thursday 18 April 2019

Praise the lord

Praise the lord oh my soul
You are stronger than any foe

You are mighty in battle
You are victorious in war

I shall put my trust in you
For you are my strength
You are my rock

You name is high above all
We lift you up before men

Your name gives us hope
Your name gives us a future

I shall declare your name above my life and over soul

You were there at the beginning and shall be there at the end

You know all things

Who am I that I can hide from you

In the heights you are there
In the depths you are there

My soul shall delight in you

I can do no other


I am the lord almighty

I am the Lord Almighty

There is None like Me!

I am Mighty in Battle

and Victorious in War

I am more powerful than any foe you could face!

Trust in me and the strength of my might

I am riding into battle on the clouds

My warriors are with me

You are not alone

I am with you

When you walk I am there

I know you

I formed you from dust and breathed life into you

You are my beloved