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Sunday 28 July 2019


My Holy Fire is being poured out across the nations
Even now healing balm and cleansing is given without measure

Worship me alone !

Nothing is impossible for me! For I created all things,
Seen and unseen have I created them.

Nations will turn to me.
Kings will turn to me
All men will turn to me

All men shall live under me

Death and decay will no longer assail your life

They are on notice from heavens courts.

Present your case before me

I have already decreed in your favour.

The spotless lamb of God has taken away your sin

Believe what has already been accomplished.

I give you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions

Nothing can be against you for I have defeated every foe that stands against you!


Friday 26 July 2019

Rain for the season

I am sending you rain fit for the season you are in.

I send rain on the rich and the poor on the happy and the sad on the good and the bad

Come to me my child and refresh yourself in my rain.

Come into my presence and find cleansing and balm for you soul.

My rain is good for everything that grows and lives.

Find prosperous abundance in me my child.

Sunday 21 July 2019

I always act in your favour

Listen to me my child I am going to act.

Your portion shall be multiplied . I tell you, use the yardstick I shall give you. For mine is a righteous measure. You shall receive your inheritance in full measure.

I have heard from heaven and shall act.

Your prayers have been heard.

You shall receive from my hand.

My gifts are always before you. I never withhold any good gift.

Come to me my child. Be found in me and be blessed.

Abide in me and live.

Wednesday 17 July 2019


I am the Creator of all things

Nothing is too difficult for Me.

I have authority.

Let the lame walk
Let the deaf hear
Let the blind see
Let health and vitality be yours

I bind any and every spirit that stands against my will for your life.
My power is over your life.

I will prosper you even though you have nothing
I will open your eyes to perceive my kingdom

You shall think my thoughts
You will do my deeds
You shall hear my words and I shall motivate you to action.

My Spirit will inhabit you.
I have given my angels instruction and they are stood with you
They have with them everything you need.

Take and eat, nothing will be held back
For I desire to give Good gifts to all my children.

See if my gifts are not sweet as honey.


I am the true vine and am always fruitful.

No branch bears fruit by itself. It must remain connected

In the same way remain rooted in Me and grow.

I am watching over my church guiding , building, nurturing.

Everything for growth is found in Me.

Come to Me my child and grow

I shall walk with you along the path.

My grace has covered your sins

I choose to forget them! Never again will I hold them against you!

You are white as snow.

Sunday 14 July 2019

Born for freedom

I chose you for freedom

Nothing can hold you back.

I washed all your sin away

You are as white as snow

All chains have been broken

Simply believe what I have already accomplished on your behalf.

You are free indeed

You are my beloved I have always loved you


Wednesday 10 July 2019

Isaiah 54:16-17 blacksmith

See I have created the blacksmith
who stokes the fire
and creates a weapon.

What use is a weapon if no one weilds it ?

Use the weapon that has been assigned to you !
Learn to weild it
Make it part of you.

Everyman has been given a purposeful fight
You don't have to fight on your own
Many have taken that path and lost everything

I am a strong tower and a mighty warrior
I shall train you and I will draw fighting men to your side 
so that your fight will not be alone.

Learn from me.
I am your sheild and strength.
See I ride into battle on the clouds.
I am by your side

It is my desire that none should be lost


Monday 8 July 2019

Judgement and fire

I am the God of judgement and fire

It was I who redeemed you.

I know you for I formed your inmost being.

Before the stars were made I knew you.

Come to me and recieve from my hand

Behold everything I have is yours

I gave it freely to you before the world was conceived.

I am your hiding place and refuge. A shelter from the stormy gale.

Is there any God like me in all the heavens. I create from nothing.

I am God to both great and small

To rich and poor

To prince and pauper

Come to me my child, take the scroll I am holding before you. Taste and see

Eat and drink what I am offering

I am a sustaining power

I am your friend

Allow me to come in and dine with you.

I have numbered you among the saints. Indeed you are a prince in my kingdom

Help me establish my kingdom upon the earth in these days.