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Saturday 8 September 2018

The seen and the unseen

I created the seen and the unseen out of nothing. I set the stars in their orbits and know them by name.

Tell me is there any one else like me  in the heavens.

Yet I am your helper. Declare your hearts desire in my courts. I decided in your favour even before your case was presented before me  for before I made the universe I knew you.

I know your thoughts and your deeds even before you do. For I know all things. I am your friend become my friend and I shall tell you my greatest secrets.

There is blessing for you and your clan.

Come to me and I will supply.
Come to me and I will heal.
Come to me and I will forgive.
Come to me and I will rout your enemies.

My child you are important to me. You are unique in all creation. There is none like you. And I gave you purpose. Come to me and I will align your heart to my heart. In deed your heart will be renewed.

I will give you strength and vitality.

Your are my chosen one. Out of all creation I chose you to bring my kingdom to the lost and hurting.

Be found in me and be healed.

Be found in me and be supplied.

Be found in me and be declared righteous.

You are like a precious gem or metal. I search for you. Yet your sin hides me behind a cloud.

Lay your sin down dont pick it back up. For this is always your undoing.

Do not return to old ways.

I told you there is a new season on the earth. I am coming soon to claim my own. Get ready. Be prepared. Don't hold back in coming to me.

All I want for you is available to you. I stand beside you holding your gifts before you. Yet you think you have limited choice. Yet I tell you, everything I am holding before you, is yours.

Take and eat.

Taste and see.

See if I am not sweet as honey.

Yes I am coming to claim my own.

Prepare your hearts and minds for a revolution in these days.

Saturday 1 September 2018

A day of new beginnings

This is my day of new beginnings. Today I declare a new season over your life. I declare that you shall overcome that difficulty that seems to hold you back.

My toughest warriors are hardened in many battles.

Behold I will contend with those who contend with you. I am with you holding your hand and guiding you.

If you stumble I am there to steady you. I will guide you around obstacles if you remain close and connected.

I am your advocate in heavens courts. Tell me your case and I will argue in you favour.

My Father is a righteous judge and He is always fare.