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Gods riches

 For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen. Romans 11:36 NLT https...

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Gods riches

 For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen.

Romans 11:36 NLT

Who has given God so much that he owes it back? 

Does God owe anyone anything?

By no means

For He is the creator of everything

Everything exists for His glory

Indeed it is He that geƱerously gives us out of his riches simply because He loves us

His wisdom and knowledge surpass any wisdom we possess indeed our greatest wise men are fools compared to Him

He delights to give to us for He is rich in mercy

Ask him to pour out His riches into your life 

You will not be dissappointed 

For you are His beloved children


Sunday, 2 January 2022

How great are Gods riches

 Awesome God 

Our God has riches stored up for you 

Beyond your understanding

They are incomparably great 

Much more than anything you could hope for

More than you dream or imagine

I declare in Gods sight with all humility

That He shall delight in granting the full measure of His great riches to you in good order and proper time according to His plan for you.

Ask Him for release and revelation.

Ask Him for fire

Let Him ignite the flame 

Let shame be done away with 

Let glory come and blessing be released

Let Him reveal all things to you according to His riches stored up for you.


Sunday, 26 December 2021

Life abundant

 My dear children i came to bring you life and abundance

When you find yourself in my presence 

Death is vanquished and life is full of vibrance 

still your soul and come into my presence

And find life in all its fullness 

I am the creator of all things 

I create from nothing and make it something

I shall take the weak the ones the world despises and make them into great children of God 

Remember how far you yourself have come 

Look at yourself and see what i have made 

You have every reason to be confident

The work begun in you shall be finished

Nothing i work on goes to waste 

I tell you your journey has not finished yet

I make crooked roads straight and rough roads smooth 

I make high mountains  like level ground

I turn the desert into fertile land 

And calm stormy seas 

I tell you speak

to your desert 

to your mountain 

to your stormy sea

And watch how i respond


Thursday, 16 December 2021

Victory is yours

 Every time the commanders of the Philistines attacked, David was more successful against them than all the rest of Saul’s officers. So David’s name became very famous.

1 Samuel 18:30 NLT

Just like david i am with you 

When your enemies attack you 

You shall defeat them 

Boldness shall carry you to victory

Endurance shall be your possession

Go forth and take the land i am giving you for you and your children and all that follow.

The land is good and rich in nutrients 

Whatever you plant there shall reap a harvest 100 fold what you planted.

This is what i declare before God

You shall reap where others have sown

You shall gain the riches of the wicked for it is stored up for the righteous

You plant and reap 

You shall be given a harvest full and overflowing with goodness

Take action and watch me respond

Plant and sow and reap the harvest I have planned for you 

You are my beloved child and I have nothing but good planned for you.

You shall use the sword and the sheild I have given you

Train yourself to weild them in battle


Monday, 18 October 2021

A new Season

 There is a new season coming 

A season of opening

Open doors 

Open opportunity

Open heavens 

I am opening doors for you simply because i desire the best for my children

No longer shall closed doors barr your way 

Lost opportunity will be restored to you 

Heaven has always been open to you

open skies will come the clouds will part and the sun will shine upon you.

Examine your heart 

See have i not declared you free from accusations and judgements

Ask me for bread will I not give freely with open heart

Ask me for help will I not send my angels to attend you

Ask me and  I shall give freely because you are my beloved child 


Sunday, 10 October 2021


 I am the God of abundance

I created all things

It is my desire to provide for all your needs 

I am kind and caring 

Everything i do i do for your benefit 

I love you with an everlasting love 

You find completion in me

When we become one there is nothing that together we cannot accomplish 

I have an abundance of blessing and favour in store for you 


Thursday, 7 October 2021

The God who cares

 I am the God who cares for all your needs

I give strength where there is weakness

I give supply where there is lack

I give love in the midst of hate

Come to me and i will surely meet all your needs

I provide sustaining power wherever it is needed

I will surely answer your requests with favour and blessing

Be prepared 

I have  a plan and a purpose for all my children 

You are being prepared for my purposes 

Trust me in this

You succeed where others fail

And prosper where others fall

You are destined for greatness


My heart weeps

 My heart weeps for your suffering my child 

Be encouraged i shall not allow suffering to become too much for you to bear 

For i will not break you 

Indeed i have plans to prosper you and not to harm you

I have great things in store for you

I am the God who knows all things

Trust me when i say that all things work together for your benefit 

I shall pour  out unending blessing into you life 

You shall know comfort 

You shall know prosperity and wholeness

Awesome things are coming your way


Wednesday, 14 July 2021


 That long standing victory you have been waiting for will soon be realised.

Just a little while longer 

Have faith and do not get discouraged now when victory is in the air

Let God open your nostrils to smell victory

Its closer than you could imagine 

I am the God who knows all things 

I tell you your victory is just around the corner 

Test me in this pray and present your request before me 

See if i do not deliver victory in to your hand


Monday, 5 July 2021

Taking back the land

 I am the lord almighty 

I know how you have suffered

I am with you 

Against all odds you shall prevail

The odds may seem to be stacked against you

But i am working 

I will never tire of doing good for your benefit

I make mountains smooth and crooked roads straight

You will walk from deserts and wildernesses into a land flowing with milk and honey 

You will seize the land the enemy has stolen

Blessings and unanswered prayers will be returned or answered 

The spoils of war will be yours 

The fight is won on your knees 

submit to God 

Yeild to his rulings for he is a righteous judge

Present your case before the throne of the king

For he is wise and compassionate

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Peace be unto you

Father, Let your peace invade the earth

Let your holiness be magnified in mens hearts

Let blind eyes be opened

Let the lame walk and the deaf hear

Be at peace my child

For I am the creator of all things

I know all things 

You are my beloved

I am coming to claim my bride 

let there be a purging and a seperating

let all evil be cleansed from the earth.

begin in the here and the now 

let there be signs in the heavens above and the earth below

let prophecy increase 

let signs and wonders increase across the earth

let there be financial miracles for the poor

let the homeless be housed 

let those in hospital be healed 

let mountains be moved and droughts cease let there be an overnight growth of food for the those in areas of famine

let wars cease


Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Heart plea

Father God

I am a broken man

I stand before you naked and blind

Clothe me with your compassion

Open the eyes of my heart

You are mighty

You know all things

Pour out your blessing and be unto me holiness and righteousness

The carnal man sees emptiness but the eyes of faith see a full table

Oh that i see with eyes of faith

I pour out my heart before you my God and King

You are the God who binds the broken hearted

I am holding you to your promise my God

Become my righteousness

Become my holiness

Become my peace


Two men

Two men both at the end of their lives

Both mistreated each other one forgave and found redemption

The other at the end if their life was bitter and twisted

From his bed he made one final act of cruelty

As he lay there he desperately needed to feel loved he wanted to forgive too but his heart was bitter and he refused to yeild.

Both men died that night

At the gate when facing final judgement

One said i wanted to forgive but could not find it in my heart

The angel behind the gate said that he had done everything asked of him except stop being cruel to others

Then he was cast into darkness

Meanwhile the other man still sobbing from the other mans final gesture was met with open arms

He had given up everything

Both started in the same place

But finished miles apart


Awesome God

 My lord you are awesome and mighty

None can compare with you

Despite my failures my shortcomings and my wrongdoing 

You love without conditions

Simply because its your nature to love

Indeed you are the embodiment of love

Your sacrifice opened the way back

You stand ready and are awaiting my welcome

So i welcome you with open arms 

My lord you are too wonderful too awesome too mighty beyond comprehension

Yet i can know you as abba father 

I am wretched pitiful poor and blind 

i come to you my lord knowing im a sinful man 

Forgiven and declared righteous by your authority and power

Fear not my child i have redeemed you

You are mine

You will dine at my table

I have appointed you to lead

Others will look to you and by your example they will follow you 

They will follow you as they followed me

I shall give you a new name because you have been redeemed

You shall sing in zion and declare my name to the lost

You will live on hallowed ground every step you take from this day forward will take you further into victory

For i have ordained great and wonderous things for you

I plan to prosper you 

I plan to restore you 

I shall take your burden and cast it into the depths of the sea


Friday, 7 May 2021

False report

And I say unto you be cleansed of your sin you shall be as white as snow.

You shall bear guilt and shame no longer 

Watch and be amazed at my outpouring

For i have placed before you an open door that no man can shut.

It shall be unto you according to the power that worketh in you 

I shall meet you 

I shall make my presence known to you 

For i desire that you know me  as I know you

My commandments are beneficial for all who obey them

Write my words in your heart 

You are commanded to love your neighbour as you love yourself

And to do unto others as you yourself would like to be treated

Behold I am amongst you 

I am the orphan you took in

I am the hungry you fed

Hold nothing back from those in need 

Give as much as you can

Live in such a way as to keep yourself well

As i write these words my mind keeps hearing the words "false report ". Be warned there are those who lie about you and pour out endless accusations that have no foundation 

Stand guard and pray

Be amazed at my defence of you for i see all things 

I know the plans of your enemy

And have cut them off. Their plans shall come to nothing 


Friday, 2 April 2021

A Dream of royalty

I was asleep in bed dreaming of traveling in a bus to an airport.

We were interviewees traveling through a disused airport with abandoned airplanes everywhere.

The bus stopped and we all got out by the side of an old rustic shed.

The driver got out and took of his outer garment to reveal an army uniform.

He stood on a rusty old circular manhole cover.

There was a sound of rushing wind and both he and the manhole cover descended a circular shaft that had lights every 10 foot or so. We could tell that because both the man and the cover would light up. He descended about 4 levels and a doorway in the side of the shaft opened up he walked through and the shaft went dark and another manhole cover took the place of the old one.

A jeep arrived. All the interviewees got in and drove away. I was told to stay where I was. 

The manhole cover lite up. I was wondering what to do. I decided to step on to it. As soon as I did there was the sound of rushing wind again. The manhole cover descended once again but it when lower that the drivers level about another 4 levels.

A door opened up and revealed soldiers lined up either side of the hall way I walked through they all saluted as I walked by. 

I was greeted by a small child like figure in army uniform Welcome to the admiralty your majesty said the small child. 'Follow me' , said a tall man who appeared as if from nowhere. I just stared at him he had piercing blue eyes  

He tapped on the map on the wall behind him  it open up and we walked through a long corridor to an ordinary looking doorway. He told me to wait. 

Slowly the door open up to reveal a large room with black and white chessboard style flooring. 

At the far end of the room was a single throne 

Sat in it was an elderly gentle man 

''Welcome my son,'', he said.

''I am confused,'', I said, ''What am I doing here?'', How is that you call me son. Both my parents died along time ago.''

''You are my son through adoption'', he replied.    

''You are here to fulfil your destiny.'', he said, ''I am going to help you.'', he said. 

''You are here to be trained in all things'' 

I awoke with the words

I have been chosen on my lips  

What do I take from this dream.

1. We have all been chosen by God 

2. All of us have a special purpose 

3. We shall all meet our maker, the chief of heaven's armies A special few meet Him regular.

4. Royalty are only taken into bunkers when war is declared.

5. We are all princes and princesses of Gods kingdom. 

6.  An audience awaits for all who believe.

7. He will make his sovereign will known to all who seek Him with due diligence.


9. Learn the skills and crafts associated with your destiny. He will make them known 

10. We belong in heaven's kingdom. This world we live in, is not our home.

11. When all is said and all is done. He will make a final judgement.

12. Those who make the grade will receive all things

13. Having passed the judgement you will live for all time in heaven.

14. The good news is someone else took the punishment and paid for your crimes.

15. He died and rose again for you!

16. Be determined to win and not lose.

17. Choose HIM today!

18. Remember heaven's sacrifice.

19. The faith to receive forgiveness is a gift from God.

20. Forgiveness is the free gift of God to all mankind.


Friday, 12 February 2021


 Perseverance calls out from the road you journey on 

He makes his presence felt along the path toward the heights 

He has always been trustworthy

From ages past He has brought many through dark days 

Can you live without Him ?

Who can know the depths of His favour ?

He has always been a trusty companion !

Why would you be without Him?

He will guide you through rough seas like a ship that holds fast to its course.

Become one with Him and He will guide you through rough seas and land you in safely on shore. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Stretch forth thy hand

 Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

Acts 4:30 NIV

Do it today stretch forth your hand 

For there is power in the name

Your guardian angel will guide you through these difficult times

Overcome fear with love and compassion 

The devil hates it when we show unbridled love to others

Radical purposeful compassion releases power

Strength and conditioning of your soul and body works wonders

Condition your soul for authority

For Jesus has granted you power to use his name

Be amazed at what will happen when you stretch forth your hand


Wednesday, 20 January 2021

The power of obedience

 You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country.  The fruit of your womb will be blessed, and the crops of your land and the young of your livestock—the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.  You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.

Deuteronomy 28:3‭-‬4‭, ‬6 NIV

Those who obey the lord's command will be blessed

God will bless you in your work in your family in providing you great blessings and he will sustain your life 

You will be blessed in your movements your comings and goings

He will also bring your enemies to their knees 

He will fight your corner

His angels will guard your path


Friday, 15 January 2021

The remnant

Surely it is time for the remnant to arise

This year 2021 is the year the spirit of resurrection will come to you

Its time to rise up stand up and speak out

the spirit of death and decay will be vanquished

Do you see it?

Do you perceive it?

God is going to restore the remnant of the church

Speak and command the spirit of death to leave

Bind it in chains on iron

Speak and command the spirit of decay to depart from you

Today is the day

Now is the time



Speak out

Call forth your Victory

Call forward you salvation

Be resilient and your house will be restored

Be strong and courageous and despite your circumstances

Begin to praise the lord

Worship the lord with all your strength and he will embolden you with power from on high


Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Sovereign Lord

Be at peace because I am the Sovereign Lord

It is I who planned the stars

It is I who steers the planets

It is I who causes the rain and the snow

I created all things

I created you

And I love you beyond your understanding

You were designed for communion with me

I am leading you into green pastures

There is much to be done

See how the sparrow works to build its nest in season it gathers food for its young

I provide all a sparrow needs yet the sparrow has to gather it in

So I send you after the harvest

The time is now

There are souls who hunger and thirst

I appoint you to reach them

If not you


If not now


So give a portion of bread to those who hunger

And drink to those that thirst

In this way you will meet the requirements of love

Give to those in need

Grant freedom to the captives

Redeem the judged

Pour out healing balm on the hurting

See to it that no one is poor or needy


Testing and trials

Dear children

Many have gone through testing times

But remain strong and keep your faith

I am with you throughout to the end

All things will be resolved in due course

Have patience and do not be discouraged

Am I not faithful

Am I not a provider

Am I not a healer

I am all these things and more

You are my children whom I dearly love

I created you

I put my spirit in you

I have taken away your sin and your shame

So be encouraged

Let my Word comfort you

I have commanded you to love yourself and your neighbor.

Be kind to yourself and trust in my promises

Let the knowledge that comes from me guide you

I am speaking to you all the time so be attentive to my voice

I will never lead you astray but will guide you to my throne of grace.

Find power and authority in my arms


Tuesday, 29 December 2020

The day of release

Today the freedom of the holy ghost is made available to you

You have asked and prayed

today is the day of release

In times gone by they sought the holy spirit and had to pray and seek and wait

I tell you this very day the holy spirit will be released to you in full measure

Nothing will be held back

Seek him now and begin your journey toward empowerment

And they full of the holy spirit did exceedingly great deeds

It shall be no less for you

You will do exceedingly great exploits and wonderful miracles in his awesome power

So I tell you be encouraged for this very hour those who have sought him will find him

I declare a day of release for you

I declare a day of victory

The power of the enemy over your life and those close to you will be vanquished


Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Heart song

Father we sing a song

From our heart to you heart

We praise your mighty name

Let the blind see your mighty works and praise your name

Let the lame walk and dance to your heart's beat

Let them find the true rythem and walk in step with you

Let your light penetrate the darkness in this season and every other

Let the deaf hear your words and sing your praises

Let us sing the love song of Jesus

And offer you our hearts

Let your message be shared across the globe

May it be that we place our mouths and tongues at your disposal

May it be that we never speak our own words for our own agenda and own benefit

You are sovereign lord

You are mighty God

You are prince of peace and wonderful counsellor


Thursday, 10 December 2020

The Deal

I am the God who loves all men

For I created all things

Man turned away from me

And sold his rights

But I came to redeem man

And purchase back his rights

When I accomplished that all power was given to me by my father

I want you to exchange you pain and heartache for comfort and joy

Come to me and receive from my hand

Everything you need to be the best person you can be is waiting for you

Come claim your best future

It hidden in me

Let me come inside and bless you with everything you need to be the best person you can be

I am your provider

I am life

I am the way

I am the truth

I am healer

I am saviour

My name is Jesus

And I have conquered death

Hell has been vanquished along with its curse

So that's the deal you make with me

Exchange your pain, sorrow,bitterness, jealousy ,

For freedom ,joy ,righteousness and love

You exchange man's worst for heaven's best

Take the deal

None can offer one like it.

Amen .

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Flowers and nectar

 Draw near to me my child and I will speak to you

Consider the flowers of the field 

Only for a short while are they clothed in glory

Then they cease

Their time in the field is short

Yet whilst they are here do they not supply sweet nectar to the birds and bees

They support many 

And yeild many offspring

You are like the flower that feeds the birds

Because you are found in me you have a nectar sweet as honey 

It feeds the lost, the vulnerable, the lonely , the outcast 

They shall gather around my people 

For they have my  heart 

You shall be like the flower in the field 

Rooted in good soil and glorious

You will feed many 

You will produce much fruit 

You will bear offspring as numerous as the stars

Use your time in the field wisely for it is short


Mountains and seas

Even though the mountains crumble and the seas rage

I will praise you my Lord my God

Even though my enemies assail against me

I will honour the name of the Lord

For he is almighty God

If I am poor I will praise you my Lord my God

If I have riches beyond the dreams of avarice I will honour you my Lord my God

Where can I find true acceptance my Lord my God

It is found in you alone

All my needs are met in you my Lord

Even though I have nowhere to lay my head

I will not deny you

I am weary and burdened

Yet I praise you my Lord my God

The Lord is sovereign and royal

He alone governs kings

By his hand rulers rise and fall

Let my people rejoice for I am coming on the clouds

Be attentive to my voice

Listen and I will teach you the way you should go

Open your heart and I will refresh your spirit


Thursday, 15 October 2020

Brothers in Arms

Take note of your brother for they are a valuable asset

There is much that can be done when brothers work together to make sure that everyone has seen your compassionate outlook

Dont repay or seek vengeance for that belongs to God

But be careful to show kindness to all

Even those who have offended you

Remember those that don't know me

They shall see me in you

For I shine as the noon day sun even in the darkest of nights

I tell you be of good cheer for your brother in arms shall battle your corner

And when you fight together against any enemy remember I am with you for I contend with those who contend with you

So be encouraged speak well of your enemy for I love all men unconditionally.

What reward is there if you love only those who love you

So I tell you before you go to war against your mortal enemy remember that I desire that all men come to me and that none be lost.

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Calvary's Love

 God loves us so much, his love had no beginning and is incredibly patient. All we need to do is respond, not try to earn what is freely offered. God has said  in many ways, i love you, i have demonstrated that love to you by all I’ve done for you. I have even sacrificed my son, Jesus, to pay the price for your sin. Now live because of my love, respond to me; love me with your whole being, give yourself to me with thanksgiving, not as a payment; live life fully, in the freedom of knowing you are loved. What amazing love God has for every one, freely given by our creator, what a comfort and a blessing as you read these amazing words in our bible. Amen. Praise our great loving God in Jesus Christ precious mighty name, Hallelujah Amen

Joanne lamb

Friday, 25 September 2020


 Lord you search my heart

You know all my days

When I stand

 you know it

When I sit

  You know it

Such knowledge of my days

Let me ensure that i am called according to the scriptures to become one with you

Not that I am perfect. 

Far be it from me to claim such a thing

But I am one in my thoughts and action

I think and speak and act as you do!

My Lord ! You are too lofty for me.

 you carry me to the heights


You are my help in times of need

Such is your knowledge about me


Thursday, 24 September 2020

Compassionate heart

 Dear child I love you with an everlasting love

I am the God of all creation

I am the defender of the innocent 

And the champion of the lost

I shall comfort those that mourn 

Heaven's door in open to both young and old 

I am the God whos heavenly abode is full of the angelic host 

Be at peace for I am always kindhearted and compassionate to those who have lost innocent souls 

Be at peace my child for the souls of those who have been lost are in the garden of heaven and are dancing for joy in the ballroom of heaven

The God of all comfort shall be with you in these days and I shall love you forever


The wicked

 I will cut off the wicked from the land

Their cites will perish 

Their offspring will never be prosperous

I will cut off Babylon and her children 

They will not inherit the land 

I will send my army against them 

Her cities will fall into ruin 

And her fields into marshland 

Her crops will wither and die

She will lose all her riches they will be handed over as spoils to the righteous 

My hand is against the wicked they shall not inherit the land


Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Graceful presence

 Let your words be seasoned with salt

Listen and you will be amazed

Do you not hear ?

Can you not perceive ?

Listen and I will speak to you !

Draw near and be attentive to my words

I always speak words of love to you

For you are my beloved

I am always pouring out my grace to you 

Do you not feel ?

Can you not sense my presence ?

Draw closer my child and be amazed at my love for you!

I am the God who loves to lavish my love upon you

Even my anger is poured out for your benefit

For I delight to discipline you for you are my disciple

I never pour out discipline to harm you but to draw you closer to me

Be wise and take heed of my words to you 

I am always speaking to you

For I cherish you 

You are my beloved


Saturday, 19 September 2020

Rest in my arms

 Be at peace and rest in my arms

For I am a loving God

I provide for all you needs

Become my friend and I will prosper you

I am a righteousness judge 

Who knows  all things 

I have already found in your favour 

Come to me and claim your reward

I am not hard to find

Search your heart and you will find me

For I have gave you my heart when you first came to me

Let strength my arise in you

I speak from the depths 

And I always give you courage in time of great need

I am with you 

Do not be alarmed when you are persecuted

For I am misunderstood by those that don't know me

They will hate you because the hate me

Yet do not be afraid of them for they are hurting inside 

They speak and act out of pain and anger 

For they have been mistreated by their forefathers

Do not retaliate for I am the embodiment of love

It is mine to avenge 

And my vengence is poured out for their benefit


Thursday, 17 September 2020


 I am the God of love

I am not distant or far away

I created all things

I am gentle and loving 

I am a jealous God

I am the fire that you seek

I am the water you need

Let my presence enthuse you

I am a vengeful God, it is I who seek to avenge those who hurt my children

Yet my vengeance is loving for I can not hate it is not in my nature

Seek to be like me. 

Do not seek vengeance but show love to all

Treat your mortal enemy with kindness and unmerited favour for that is what my love demands

Seek with all your heart to be like me 

Develop your character and persue righteousness

Let holy living be your persuit


Sunday, 6 September 2020

Provide for those in need

06 September 2020

Be at peace because I am the Sovereign Lord

It is I who planned the stars

It is I who steers the planets

It is I who causes the rain and the snow

I created all things

I created you

And I love you beyond your understanding

You were designed for communion with me

I am leading you into green pastures

There is much to be done

See how the sparrow works to build its nest in season it gathers food for its young

I provide all a sparrow needs yet the sparrow has to gather it in

So I send you after the harvest

The time is now

There are souls who hunger and thirst

I appoint you to reach them

If not you


If not now


So give a portion of bread to those who hunger

And drink to those that thirst

In this way you will meet the requirements of love

Give to those in need

Grant freedom to the captives

Redeem the judged

Pour out healing balm on the hurting

See to it that no one is poor or needy


Wednesday, 2 September 2020

On Unity

I am the God who delights to show you his Love

You have always been my beloved

I desire to be in communion with you

Be restored to me my child

I am a loving and protective father I desire nothing but greatness for you

Find rest beneath my wings

Whilst you were young I nurtured you now you are mature

Yet i am still your loving father

It's time to be the soul I created you to be

Put aside foolish and futile thinking

Do not yeild to the flesh for it always leads you away from me

I am always kind and compassionate to those whom I love

I love you beyond your understanding

You cannot fathom how deep or wide or high my love is for you

I sent my only son to redeem you

And He was given keys to all things 

He was given power and authority and wants to share it with you

Be restored to me and reserve your place at my   table


Friday, 14 August 2020

podcast collection


My power is at work within your bodily members.

It is mighty and awesome able to affect body and soul and spirit

It is the same power the raises the dead  and flings stars into space

A miracle can happen for you !

For I am working with angels who have been given charge over you.

Open your spiritual eyes , the eyes of your heart.

See what they have brought you.

See and know and take the gifts they have for you.

It's time to move in power and authority for I have ordained greatness for you.

Partner with me and see the world change.

I never stop thinking about you for you are my child  and I love you.

There is no longer any reason to hold back for I have won complete victory over all things 


Thursday, 13 August 2020


Your destiny is secure in the Lord.
Become everything I have planned for you this next season.

There is power and authority in the name of Jesus
I am confident that you are doing well and that you can see the Lord at work in your life.

There's  good days coming for all who believe in the Lord.

Be of good cheer I always have good plans for you

I will not shipwreck you

I am confident that you are doing everything possible to get the gifts and talents that I have offered you.

Claim them


Thursday, 6 August 2020

The Kingdom

The Kingdom of God has come

Let it be forever known 

Send the message through the whole world 

Christ is the Kingdom 

He is among us 

He stands ready to grant you victory

Humble yourselves and pray 

And receive an anointing from Him

Pick up the mantle that has been prepared for you 

Get yourself ready for the time is at hand 

I am have come that you may have life 

Partner with me and become more than you could dream or imagine 

You will become mighty and prosperous 

I have clothed you with my righteousness 

Your sin no longer has dominion over you for I have blotted it out

You shall stand above and beyond your circumstance 

For you shall soar and glide upon the winds of my Spirit 

Let my Spirit carry you to new and green pastures.

Find rest under my wings 

As a swan carries her young so I shall carry you.

You need not fear for I am Holy 

It was my word that created all things 

Therefore come to me and receive from my hand 

and you shall have an abundance 


Sunday, 2 August 2020

Sovereign Lord.

I am sovereign says the lord

Can I not do with you as I please

You are like clay in the potters hand

If I choose to uproot I shall uproot
If I choose to plant I plant
If I choose to destroy I shall destroy

Nothing is impossible for me

Come close to me and I shall make my plans known to you

Be of good cheer for I am a loving God who desires nothing but good for you.

I make the sun shine and the grass grow

I made the sun and the stars

I set the paths of the planets and keep them in their orbits

It is my desire to lavish my love upon you for you are my most cherished possession

I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

Come and commune with me and become all that have planned for you.

I shall make my secrets known to you for you are a son and not a servant


Thursday, 30 July 2020

A plan

I have a plan and a purpose

You have but a short time here on earth for I ordain your days

I have ordained long life and prosperity for all who would seek first my kingdom

Know me and know yourself

Be kind and  generous of spirit

Be patient and faithful in service

Know that you were made to sow and reap

Sow in faith and reap a reward

Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world

I have gained the upper hand in all things

Come to me and receive an abundance from my hand


Wednesday, 22 July 2020

The Iron Sceptre

I shall rule Judah with a rod of Iron

I shall govern from on high

From the Holy Mountain

I shall rule with justice and righteousness.

Stand guard at the City gates

No foe will enter the City

Appoint yourselves watchman.

Men of high renown and good standing

Let them see beyond the City limits

They shall watch and they shall see

The time has come, the hour is at hand

Look our enemy stands far off, waiting

While ever the guardsmen are stood watch ,the City is safe.

So, do not be found asleep.

Do your duty diligently for the enemy is watching for a gap.

Therefore make your walls high and strong

Set for yourselves a time to stand and a time to rest

It is foolish to work without rest, such madness.

One stands guard whilst another sleeps.

In this way the City and its occupants will thank you for your diligence.

Be of good cheer for I shall contend with those who contend with you.

I shall not let you see ruin


Tuesday, 21 July 2020

The Return

I am the Lord Almighty

I am the Lord Almighty

There is none like me

I make the desert bloom
and the parched land sing for joy!

I send refreshing rain and make the sun shine on the grasses of the field.

Trust me I shall bring refreshing to you

I shall make you bloom and flower

Generations come and generations go but my Word stands forever.

I never tire of doing good to you.

For you are my children and I love you with an everlasting love

This season of darkness will not last

I am working. Even now.

Though the night has come, joy will come with the rising of the sun

The Day will come when I will draw all men to myself.


Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Household blessing

This very hour I will restore your household

All those who receive my resurrection power
Shall be healed and brought back to life

Put the axe at the root.

All hidden roots shall be exposed

I am moving among you like never before

No longer will sin overtake you.

Darkness will be eradicated from the land

The light of the living Lord will penetrate the darkness and dispel it

Humble yourselves and receive an anointing

Power is moving for all who believe  in me

Call on my name and I will clothe you in robes of white and put a sash around your shoulders