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 I have seen your deeds I am El shaddai God Almighty It is I who open doors for my children  It is I who closes doors too I am like a shephe...

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

I put my Spirit in you

Do you prophesy over stones and cards and speak words over seekers of truth

Your desire is to bring healing and words of comfort to many

Yet you know there is more than what you have

Today is the day of new beginnings

I am calling to you! Where you are now is not where I need you to be.

I put my Spirit in you in the days of your youth

Seek me as you did in your youth

I know you. I ordained your days before I planned creation

I know when you rise up and when you sit down

I know your heart for it is I who created that heart

I put Life in you.

Behold I shall move.

I shall visit you

I shall bring you back to myself for I have loved you with an everlasting love

I have never stopped loving you

I shall lead you back to me

For it was ordained for you before the creation of the world

Be restored to me for I know your heart.

Have done with soothsaying and necromancy and put an end to your divinations

Come to me for I have ordained greatness for you.

I emplore you (I not the lord )

Come before the mercy seat of Christ for He is your fulfilment and your destiny

He gave you purpose you been bewitched by those who seek to devour your mortal soul.

I urge you repent of your divinations and sorcery and witchcraft.




Take Heed !

Remember  judgement will come by plague and famine and sword,

for it has been ordained since times gone by.

Adulterers and fornicators will come under judgement together with the saints.

Take heed !

Listen !

Take warning !

Time is short !

I shall come when you least expect it!

Do not be unprepared!

Do not take grace and trample it by not being thankful!

Remember the lepers! Only 1 sought Him out and gave thanks.

Many will escape, as through flames, their deeds will be burned up and will recieve their due reward.

but those who have stored up treasure in heaven will have an abundance

Be like the few not the many.

Take heed I have spoken.

Be found in me for I am the embodiment of love. Those found in me shall live and they shall judge. Even the angels shall come under their judgement for they have proved themselves worthy.

I am the door to blessing, mercy and honour.

Come to me my children.

Let me gather you as a swan gathers her chicks.

Nestle under my wings.

I shall protect you with wings of power and might and strength.

Find shelter from the wind and waves under my wings.

I shall teach and admonish.

I shall love and warn.

I shall  heal and curse.

Dont be alarmed for I have already cursed death. It's power vanquished.

I have cursed sickness and wrought healing for your body.

Better to have little with a heart of love and peace than to have great wealth with bitterness and turmoil.   

A man who sits in the dark is lost but the man who rests in the light sees all.

The virgin who keeps her oil lamp burning is prepared but the lazy shall suffer.

I am coming for my bride, there shall be feasting at my table

Get ready !

Be prepared !

I have spoken.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Alpha and Omega

He is the Alpha and the Omega, The First and the Last, The Beginning and the End.

My children I am coming soon !

Get ready for an out pouring of my Spirit Such as the World has never witnessed!

Both rich and poor will Prophesy in my name and whatever they declare will be done for them by my Father in Heaven.

You are the Living Word my Lord my God !!

Surely He is worthy of honour and praise!!

I am the door to blessing beyond your understanding !

My Lord !

Surely, I will praise Him and extol Him for He is worthy

The Lamb of God has overcome!

He is able to open that which has been sealed from ages past.

Be hearers and doers of my Word and blessing shall overtake you . You will have an abundance beyond your understanding!

I have written my Word on your heart and placed Wisdom in your mind.

Do not fear for I am victorious in war and powerful in battle I ride in the clouds.

I am coming !

The chief of heavens armies is coming.

Behold my children

Take heed and listen those who truly fear Me shall lead the way !

You will walk into dark places and carry my light with you, focus on my gifts that are within you for I have placed them there for such a time as this. Everything in your life has prepared you for this moment. Do not not hold back!  Move forward with intention and be wise as owls.

Amen .

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Extol Him

Extol the mighty Name of the Lord

He is victorious in battle

And mighty in power

Before Him all will bow their knee

He created all things by His Word

He rides the clouds

He makes his presence known in the fire by night

And the cloud by day

And I will worship Him

I will give him my life

For he is worthy of honour and praise

He is Lord God the Almighty

He knew me before He planned creation

He ordained my steps and I will walk in them

I will praise Him as long as live


Sunday, 8 September 2019

Awesome God

Praise the Lord
Bless Him for all He has done

He has created all things and sustains them by His Word.

All authority is His

He parted the seas and makes his presence known in pillars of fire and the smoke.
He stores up rain and hail
He guides the wind and ordains the paths of the seas
He alone knows the stars by name

He orders the paths of the planets and keeps their orbits.

He hung the world on nothing and keeps it by His sovereign will.

Who is man that He even thinks us worthy?

We are His offspring!

He is our maker and sustainer.

Is He not worthy of praise and worship?

Does man store up rain for release in season?

Does man know the home of the east  wind or know the depths of the seas?

Does man  store up snow for due season?

Can man create from nothing by mere speech?

I can ! God says.

He alone is worthy
He alone is eternal

The skies proclaim His Name
The seas announce His Presence
The rocks cryout his Worth.

You are His child He knows you.

He ordained your days and your steps.

You lack because you are outside His best plan for you
You have chosen your own way and ordained your own path.

Come back to His best future for you

Be restored to His will for you

He created you and gave you purpose

Be found in Him Today

Abundant blessing

Be blessed in these days

For I am about to pour out such a blessing

The like of which the world has never seen

It will come from ordinary people

Names and personalities will be brought low

Those who have sought their own glory will be exposed

Those who are nothing will lead the way

Those whom the world despises shall bring forth my kingdom

I will make the weak strong and those who are strong in their own eyes will perish

Therefore humble yourselves and pray

Ask the Lord and he shall deliver

Sunday, 1 September 2019

I am the lord

I am the Lord .

There is none like me

I created you, I know you

You are my most treasured possession

I love you beyond your understanding

My love for you is greater than you could possibly imagine.

Come to me my child let me restore you

Let me heal you

Let me pull you out of the mire

I known you better than you know yourself

Dont be afraid for I will not break a damaged reed.

You are my child and I love you

You are my beloved