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Monday 20 November 2023

“I am a voice shouting in the wilderness, ‘Clear the way for the Lord’s coming!’” John the Baptist

 John has long since passed away, taken from jail and beheaded

But the cry still stands, who shall point to the risen Christ

There are still people living in a barren wilderness

Tell me who shall speak to them.

And behold He shall make you fishers of men

Who shall pull them from an ocean and sea full of sharks and wolves

'Hear I am send me', comes the cry

Shall you take up the mantle of John and call out to the lost in the wilderness

He the immortal, invisible God only wise has come among you

When you secure the lost from death and the grave

Indeed, is God calling you to speak to sharks and wolves and alter their makeup

Only the wonder working power of the Alimighty God can change a shark to a lion or a wolf to a lamb

Yet do you hear the call of God upon your life

It's a tough challenge I know, but God came so that you can know His power working within you

Both the shark and the wolf live among you

You know them by their deeds and their fruit.

Tell me who shall speak to them. No, indeed it is the powerful working of the deeds of God that shall speak to them not fine words or arguments

God is about to move among you

He shall bring mighty acts and deeds such that niether the shark nor the wolf will be able to deny the awesome power of the living God

And they will turn from their ways and worship the one true living God.

The shark shall become like a lion

and the wolf like a lamb

Niether shall devour the other, for they shall lay down in the hay together


Sunday 19 November 2023

So the Word became human

So the Word became human
He is the Almighty God made flesh
Never before has He lived in bodily form among us
It was He who spoke and stars sprang into space
It was through His power that the sea were rent asunder and water turned to wine
It is He who is the Bridegroom and He is waiting for His bride to be ready
I am in awe of His deeds for it was He that fashioned me in my mother's womb
He was slain before I was ever conceived
Yet He the immortal, invisible God only wise lived among us
He is calling unto mankind to be adopted into His own special family
And He gave up human form to secure our destiny
No more is a man destined for the flames of hell
But He has bought back the keys to death and grave
He is Lord of the living and the dead
Be amazed for your destiny and dominion are secure in Him
And He desires to offer it to you without cost
Reach out to Him today and see if He does not pour out blessing upon blessing into your life
He is not difficult to find
Nor did He hide Himself away
But His presence is within arms reach
Let Him grasp hold of your hand today and guide you into your best future
For He loves His creation
He is alive!
Come to me and live says the Lord.
Come to me and let me drive away the sin and shame
and usher in righteousness and peace

God sent a man, John the Baptist clothed in rags to point the way

I cannot tell you how I feel about Christ

He was before me and shall be after me

I am in awe of His mighty deeds

He spoke and creation sprang to life

In the beginning, there was nothing, but He the risen Saviour spoke light into the world

Now the tongue has the creative power to build up or tear down

Both life and death come through the tongue

John baptised with water for repentance, but He the risen Christ baptises with fire

He shall burn away everything that is unworthy of Him

Yet more than that the old creation with its shame and drudgery has gone and a new creation stands in its place

Let your joy be complete

Let your soul find a new path

Let Him be your guide and light

He the living God lives inside of you

His creative power is given in full measure

Come to Him and He will make you fishers of men

Yet even now He is asking the Father for blessed power to embolden you

Come close to Him He is not far away

Within arms reach.

Nor does He hide Himself away but stands like a beacon in your midst behind a veil of light for He is light, the light of all men

You see dimly now but soon you shall see in glorious clarity

Cast off your outer garments of pain and sorrow and put the clothing

of joy and peace


Sunday 12 November 2023

In the beginning the Word already existed

I am the everliving One 

I lived among you

I died but behold I am Alive forever

I was and I am and I am to come 

It was I who created the heavens and the earth

I formed the Sun, the Moon and the starry host

I am always seeking the best for creation

It is I who formed man out of the dust of the earth 

It is I who have numbered the days of man for he rebelled 

Therefore make a good account 

For all men will be judged 

Was it not I who arose and defeated death and hades


Behold the grave could not hold Him

For he lives from eternity to eternity

He lives forever more

Was He not the Righteous One who tore the veil in two 

So that sinners could be cleansed and enter the most Holy place


Behold I shall make my presence known to all mankind 

Men will be without doubt or excuse for I shall make it plain

I shall appear with righteous justice 

Yet I am patient not wanting men to be destroyed by the flames of hell

Come let me minister to you 

Let me wash your filthy garments and cleanse you 

Let blind eyes see 

Let deaf ears be opened 

Let the lame walk

Let the beggars become rich 

Let lepers be made whole


Do you not know?

Have you not heard?


He has conqured death 

He purchased man's dominon by His own blood and now offers it back without cost

Do not be alarmed for He is the prince of heavens armies 

His chariots are ablaze with light and are leading His angels in a battle against the forces of this dark world.

Do you not see the heavenly host encamped around you? 


Be amazed at His outpouring in these days for He both provides and ministers to those that are His own 

Come into His presence with thanksgiving and courts with praise 

For He desires to bless you with everything planned for you since the beginning

Seek Him today for nobody knows the day or the hour when all will come to completion

 For I tell you now its the day and hour to seek the Lord of Lords and King of Kings

He is not beyond reach 

Simply offer your hand and He shall take it and guide you to your best future 

For I tell you obedience to his will is key.

You need not fear the day or the hour for you have been cleansed and made righteous in His sight.

And even now He intercedes for you in the courts of heaven.

Remember He is Alive for evermore 

None can snatch you away from His grasp 

No evil can take your joy away for you are complete in Him