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Monday 29 May 2023

Holiness and revelation

 And Moses said, “I will turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.” When the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God called to him out of the bush, “Moses, Moses!” And he said, “Here am I.”

Exodus 3:3‭-‬4 RSV

Wherever God is present, is hallowed ground, here we have the moment when God reveals His holiness for the first time since God rested from all his work and made the Sabbath day holy.

Here for the first time in history, God reveals himself as God as the holy one. God's holiness can be seen both as a judge and a redeemer.

Moses knew God as God Almighty: the God of Promise(Ex 6:3), but now God reveals to Moses something new about his character. God would now reveal himself as Jehovah the God of fulfillment, especially in the redemption and deliverance of Israel from the oppression of the pharaoh.

Jehovah is the God of redemption and holiness. 

Fire and light are both seen in the burning bush. God's holy fire and purity consume everything, and everything that will not yield itself to His holiness is turned to ashes and smoke, and the rest is transformed into His own nature.

But what about you? 

What does this mean for you?

Holiness is the fire of God. Praise Him that He will burn up the dross and vile and does not leave it undisturbed. Praise God you are on fire but you are not burning up.

If our theology only sees the Love of Christ on the cross, we have missed His Righteousness and Justice, Our God is a consuming fire, in His holiness judgment and mercy meet.

Praise Him that unrepentant sinners are judged and those who offer themselves to Him and let Him do a wonderous redemptive work in their souls are consumed by fire: On fire yet not burned up.

My child, let me transform you.

You shall be a force for good on the earth, through my work within you, you shall be transformed from sinner to saint, a holy one, fit for righteous works.

 God reveals himself as the omnipotent holy one in order that you become His messenger.

Will you accept that mandate to become a messenger to the nations and kingdoms around you of His all-surpassing holiness?


Sunday 28 May 2023

And God rested and made the Sabbath holy

 So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it because on it God rested from all his work which he had done in creation.

Genesis 2:3 RSV

“Say to the people of Israel, ‘You shall keep my sabbaths, for this is a sign between me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I, the Lord, sanctify you.

Exodus 31:13 RSV

And God sanctified the Sabbath day to make it holy.

God hath called His creation good and very good, but man was not yet holy, that priceless work of being sanctified in Christ starts here.

Those first six days from when God fashioned the heavens and the earth to when he created man speak of the wonderous power of the Creator.

Up until the 7th day God showed his work of creation. When God rested on the 7th day he showed another side, that of sanctifier. His omnipotence is chief of his natural attributes and His holiness is His first moral attribute. 

He alone is Creator and He alone is Sanctifier.

Blessed are you if you understand and believe this in your heart and mind


Saturday 27 May 2023

Wholly Sanctified

 To the church of God which is at Corinth, to those sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints together with all those who in every place call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, both their Lord and ours:

1 Corinthians 1:2 RSV

Greet every saint in Christ Jesus. The brethren who are with me greet you. All the saints greet you, especially those of Caesar's household.

Philippians 4:21‭-‬22 RSV


He is the unfathomable God.

Holy beyond compare 

Seraphs sing of his holiness with veiled faces

His holiness is the center of his perfections and His glory streams forth.

His holiness reveals His purposes, 

which from eternity to eternity, 

He has planned for mankind, 

it foretells of His highest glory for His creation: 

to partake in His holiness.

In Christ, all wisdom and love are manifest toward us.

The Father gives his Son to be one with us.

The Son dying on the cross to make us one with Him.

We are called to be saints together; a community of sanctified believers, spanning both space and time,  destined for the glory of his name and made holy through the work of the cross.

I am the Lord almighty.

I am Holy and full of Wonder and Awe.

Be amazed at my Purity and Righteousness.

I have made you Holy and Righteous and given you power and authority. 

I have clothed you in everything that is mine.

I shall call upon the Lord and the power of his name!   

He shall be my sword and shield.

In Him I shall grow in  holiness and purity.

Looking forward to that day when all things are fulfilled.

See, my child, I have overcome the power of darkness.

My light is ablaze and cuts through all the power of the evil one.

Be encouraged for I am with you says the Lord.

I shall bless you with all the gifts stored up for you.

I have ordered my angels to bring gifts aplenty; a bounty of wonderous provision and blessing.

You shall be a powerful force for good in this dark world for I have made you complete.

You lack no good thing. 



Called unto Holiness

...but as he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct; since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”

1 Peter 1:15‭-‬16 RSV

Since ancient times I have called men to be holy 

It is no different in these days 

I am holy and righteous 

Be in awe of my deeds and mighty acts

I created the sun and the moon 

See, I shall place angels in your midst 

And they shall both guard and minister

See I shall cover you with my holiness and righteousness

Seek me with everything you have says the lord 

I am not hiding or difficult to find 

I am within arms reach 

Come hold my hand says the lord and I shall guide you 

I make crooked paths straight and rough terrain smooth

You shall be amazed at my outpouring in these days 

I shall be like the sun; a bright light for you, 

to guide you along your journey

You shall walk where I have walked says the lord.

I was crowned with glory when I overcame death and hades.

See I have made you a prince and priest in my kingdom.

You shall be righteous and holy, for I am holy.

I shall empower with strength and might 

You shall shine in the darkness, and these days are indeed dark, it surrounds you; you are in the midst of it. 

Yet it shall not overcome you, for I have placed my light within you, says the lord.

I shall show my glory and manifest my power, says the lord.

I shall be among you. 

See I have made my Son higher than all

He is above every other name.

Your name shall be blessed and anointed.

I shall cause power to flow through you like never before when you seek my kingdom first.

learn how my kingdom operates and you shall be a powerful agent for good in this dark world.

be of good cheer for I have overcome the world

That ancient foe has been defeated he has no power over you, 

for I have placed my power and authority in your hands.

Come, purify your mind from all unrighteousness says the lord.

Be holy for I am holy says the lord.


Thursday 25 May 2023

God and sacred music

Traditional Sacred Music

I would like to present to you a biblical model for both creating and listening to music

The primary goal of Christian music is to communicate God's truth.

The first source of this is the Bible

The second source is the Holy Spirit.

Christian music must bring God's love and bring Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, and Goodness

The secondary goal of Christian music is to reflect God's character

Purity, Love, Beauty, and Orderliness and Justice

It must be full of faith and be meek and balanced as God is balanced

It must be separate from the world and create conviction not comfort

There must be a clear distinction between God and the world.

Consider these words as you listen to your playlist of worship songs and consider removing songs that don't follow this model.

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Make music to the Lord

I am the God who created all things 

Make Music 

Sing and dance

Sing of my wonderous deeds and mighty acts 

Dance to the music of harp and lyre 

Let me show you heavens rhythms

Partner with me and watch as I transform the nations, says the Lord.

You are my beloved children and it has always been my desire to bless you

speak kind words to your fellow men whether they do good or bad

Learn from me says the Lord 

Be patient with the afflicted 

Lift up the downcast

I am by your side says the Lord I am with you through all 

From this day forth you shall be called a magnificent warrior 

for you have battled through many things and overcome

Though you are young you have a maturity greater than your peers because I have taught you 

You shall develop into a great warrior

Though a thousand fall at your side you shall remain standing for I shall strengthen you 

I shall be a rod in your life say the lord.

Learn to speak my words and you shall bless and comfort many 

Allow me to transform your mind 

Let my mind become your mind 

From this day forth you shall have a strength of mind that comes with great power 

there shall be a day of reckoning, a day of judgment, a day of wrath 

Yet be encouraged for even my judgment and wrath are poured out for your benefit says the Lord  


Monday 8 May 2023

Newness shall arise in my people

I am the Almighty God, Creator of all things, ruler of the Kingdoms of the earth

Never before has newness been on my agenda like it is today

My people shall do new things

I shall teach and guide

I shall provide and prosper

I shall deliver and set free

Let all dull thinking be done away with

Let clear thinking arise in my people

It shall be normal for my children to think clear and sharp thoughts

I shall sharpen your wit says the Lord

I shall set your mind on fire

Ideas shall come like a storm in the night

There shall be a new spirit of clear and right thinking says the Lord

I shall bring a new skill set to the earth

Your ancestors knew nothing about modern living

So modern living shall vanish, and be thrown out

A new standard shall come yet not new for in ages past

the rules were laid down by the God of heaven

A rule book not known by this generation

But it shall come to pass that an ancient book
of laws and decrees and edicts shall govern once more

There shall be no unrighteousness or unlawfulness

For I shall govern from a high and lofty place