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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Sunday 29 March 2020

What can I do ?

He is an Awesome God

He sits in the throne room of the temple in heaven

listening to our prayers

His desire is that none should perish

He rejoices over everyone who comes to Him

He seeks the best outcome for all men whether they worship Him or not

For He loves His creation, He is Abba Father

He seeks to reveal His plan to you

Ask Him what he is doing

Ask Him what you can do to help him for you are not a slave or servant but a son

You should share the same vision for He is your Father

Learn to commune with Him

You should possess His mind

Learn about His interaction with man throughout  history as recorded in the scriptures

You should love what He loves and hate what He hates

He loves all men

You should do the same

He seeks the best for all men

You should do the same

He shows compassion to all men

You should do the same


Saturday 28 March 2020


You are lost, lonely and afraid

Yet you have within you a well

from which you can draw

I am the source of all things 

I created you

I formed you in your mother's womb

I placed my Spirit within you

I am the light of the world

I am within you

You are my beloved children

I have not abandoned you

A feast is prepared, at a  heavenly  table

And your invited

You will dine with me


Thursday 26 March 2020


I have loved you since before I made the universe.

This world is not your home

Indeed you are alive in Me and I am alive in you .

These days are days of desolation

Yet my kingdom is an everlasting kingdom

Those of you that know me open your ears

I am going to use you

Those whom you love will not see decay

For I will nullify the evil that has come

The one who comes to steal and kill and destroy has been vanquished

His power curtailed for all time

What he has stolen will be restored to you

What he has killed will be brought to life again

What he has destroyed will be made whole

Yeild to my power already at work in your life

I am Almighty God

Let the Lion of Judah arise within you.

I shall lead you and guide in these days

Hear my words


Monday 23 March 2020


These days are full of turmoil and anguish

Yet resolution will come

As a storm abaits when its fury has been spent

So these days will relent when the storm has lost its strength

Rebuild the City on the ruins of what once was and restore the temple of the living God.

You are my children and I have ordained greatness for you

I shall pour rivers of blessing from the altar

Such that the banks will overflow

I will quench the parched land

The barren land will sing for joy

I have seen your need and heard you prayer.

No longer will the fox and the jackal wonder the land

But new springs of water will erupt where there were none

and river beds long since dried up will flow once more

for I shall open up the floodgates

I will create anew

I will fashion a new earth and a new heaven fit for my people

I will cause life to appear were there is death and decay

I will heal the land and restore nations and kingdoms and peoples


Wednesday 18 March 2020

The Only Creator

I am the Lord God Almighty

None can create as I create for I create by mere speach

My Word has ultimate power.

Man only reshapes what I have made.

So be encouraged that I will bring life to you and not death.

You are facing perilous times.

But even now the Lamb's blood has overcome.

No other covering need be provided.

Behold even now the angel of death cannot cross the blood line drawn over your household.

So do that today.

Humble yourselves and pray.

Ask and you will receive.

Knock and the door will be opened to you .

Seek and you will find.

The prayer of the righteous avails much.

Pray for the sick they shall recover.

Even death need not be final.

Let your house be known for prayer and righteousness and holy living.

Remember you are not earthly but heavenly for when you came to me you passed from earth to heaven and that is where you now live.

Your spirit lives in heaven only your soul and mortal body is here on earth.

You passed from death to life when you came to me.


Friday 6 March 2020

The skies have opened

I was stood beside the road at the bottom of the hill by the house of salvation

when the Lord revealed his plan

I laughed when I saw it.

The acursed one who is leading you to ruin has been curtailed.

His plans will come to nothing.

It may look from where your standing like a brilliant summers day

But he has disaster waiting for you.

Behold I saw a rider on a white horse coming out of the clouds

He had with him a horse without a rider.

You are that rider

He has come to lead you into battle

Do not be afraid or anguished

You already have everything you need

The house of the enemy shall be plundered and those who ran with the enemy will turn to the Lord

A spiritual renewal is coming A time of refreshing had been ordained.

Behold I shall move in these days like no other day

The time has come

Be at one with me says the Lord.

It is time to plunder the camp of the enemy

Do not be fearful. Be encouraged for I have won the day.

The fulfilment of times is at hand.

The prayers of the saints are being answered

They are like a sweet aroma to my nostrils

It smells like success
It smells like victory
It smells pleasant and fragrant
like a sweet smelling flower

You have prayed for breakthrough

Behold I have opened the skies above you

Look and see the signs

Behold  I have plans to prosper you and heal you and save you

There is one who would like to see ruin for you but his plans have been thwarted and shall not prevail.

I am the Lord God Almighty

I have declared righteousness for my people Israel
I have declared victory for my people Israel

Miracles and wonders will pour forth from Israel in these days like no other day in history.

And I will bless those who pray for my people Israel