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Friday 25 September 2020


 Lord you search my heart

You know all my thoughts

When I stand

 you know it

When I sit

  You know it

Such knowledge of my days 

I am called according to the scriptures to become one with you

Not that I am perfect. 

Far be it from me to claim such a thing

But I desire to be one in thought and action

Let me think and speak and act as you do!

My Lord ! You are too lofty for me.

 You carry me to the heights


You are my help in times of need

Such is your knowledge about me


Thursday 24 September 2020

Compassionate heart

 Dear child I love you with an everlasting love

I am the God of all creation

I am the defender of the innocent 

And the champion of the lost

I shall comfort those that mourn 

Heaven's door in open to both young and old 

I am the God whos heavenly abode is full of the angelic host 

Be at peace for I am always kindhearted and compassionate to those who have lost their loved ones 

Be at peace my child for the souls of  my children who have been lost are in the garden of heaven and are dancing for joy in the ballroom of heaven

The God of all comfort shall be with you in these days and I shall love you forever


The wicked

 I will cut off the wicked from the land

Their cites will perish 

Their offspring will never be prosperous

I will cut off Babylon and her children 

They will not inherit the land 

I will send my army against them 

Her cities will fall into ruin 

And her fields into marshland 

Her crops will wither and die

She will lose all her riches they will be handed over as spoils to the righteous 

My hand is against the wicked they shall not inherit the land


Tuesday 22 September 2020

Graceful presence

 Let your words be seasoned with salt

Listen and you will be amazed

Do you not hear ?

Can you not perceive ?

Listen and I will speak to you !

Draw near and be attentive to my words

I always speak words of love to you

For you are my beloved

I am always pouring out my grace to you 

Do you not feel ?

Can you not sense my presence ?

Draw closer my child and be amazed at my love for you!

I am the God who loves to lavish my love upon you

Even my anger is poured out for your benefit

For I delight to discipline you for you are my disciple

I never pour out discipline to harm you but to draw you closer to me

Be wise and take heed of my words to you 

I am always speaking to you

For I cherish you 

You are my beloved


Saturday 19 September 2020

Rest in my arms

 Be at peace and rest in my arms

For I am a loving God

I provide for all you needs

Become my friend and I will prosper you

I am a righteousness judge 

Who knows  all things 

I have already found in your favour 

Come to me and claim your reward

I am not hard to find

Search your heart and you will find me

For I have gave you my heart when you first came to me

Let strength my arise in you

I speak from the depths 

And I always give you courage in time of great need

I am with you 

Do not be alarmed when you are persecuted

For I am misunderstood by those that don't know me

They will hate you because they hate me

Yet do not be afraid of them for they are hurting inside 

They speak and act out of pain and anger 

For they have been mistreated by those who dont know me 

Do not retaliate for I am the embodiment of love

It is mine to avenge 

And my vengence is poured out for their benefit


Thursday 17 September 2020


 I am the God of love

I am not distant or far away

I created all things

I am gentle and loving 

I am a jealous God

I am the fire that you seek

I am the water you need

Let my presence enthuse you

I am a vengeful God, it is I who seek to avenge those who hurt my children

Yet my vengeance is loving for I can not hate it is not in my nature

Seek to be like me. 

Do not seek vengeance but show love to all

Treat your mortal enemy with kindness and unmerited favour for that is what my love demands

Seek with all your heart to be like me 

Develop your character and persue righteousness

Let holy living be your persuit


Sunday 6 September 2020

Provide for those in need

06 September 2020

Be at peace because I am the Sovereign Lord

It is I who planned the stars

It is I who steers the planets

It is I who causes the rain and the snow

I created all things

I created you

And I love you beyond your understanding

You were designed for communion with me

I am leading you into green pastures

There is much to be done

See how the sparrow works to build its nest in season it gathers food for its young

I provide all a sparrow needs yet the sparrow has to gather it in

So I send you after the harvest

The time is now

There are souls who hunger and thirst

I appoint you to reach them

If not you


If not now


So give a portion of bread to those who hunger

And drink to those that thirst

In this way you will meet the requirements of love

Give to those in need

Grant freedom to the captives

Redeem the judged

Pour out healing balm on the hurting

See to it that no one is poor or needy


Wednesday 2 September 2020

On Unity

I am the God who delights to show you his Love

You have always been my beloved

I desire to be in communion with you

Be restored to me my child

I am a loving and protective father I desire nothing but greatness for you

Find rest beneath my wings

Whilst you were young I nurtured you now you are mature

Yet I am still your loving father

It's time to be the soul I created you to be

Put aside foolish and futile thinking

Do not yeild to the flesh for it always leads you away from me

I am always kind and compassionate to those whom I love

I love you beyond your understanding

You cannot fathom how deep or wide or high my love is for you

I sent my only son to redeem you

And He was given keys to all things 

He was given power and authority and wants to share it with you

Be restored to me and reserve your place at my   table