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Tuesday 18 April 2023

According to your deeds

 Be sure I hold the world in my hand

The mountains shake at my bidding

The seas flow at my command

Surely I can order either the building up or tearing down of men and nations and kingdoms

I tell you according to your deeds I will act

But you my child are destined for greatness

I have seen your deeds and found you righteous

Surely I shall pour out blessing upon blessing into your life

I am provider and guide

Follow my teachings and abundance will flow into your lap


Wednesday 5 April 2023

3 Days later

They cursed him and mocked him

They divided his clothes among them

Forced to carry a wooden cross

Ridiculed and rejected by men

He was innocent yet one who was a convicted terrorist was set free in his place

They pierced his side

He was buried in a rich man's tomb

Then the wait 3 days later this same man rose from death having defeated the curse of death

He died and was buried

Yet he lives forever

The Father was pleased to place a crown on his head and clothe him in robes of white

He is pleased to call us co-heirs and sons and daughters of God