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Friday 2 April 2021

A Dream of royalty

I was asleep in bed dreaming of traveling in a bus to an airport.

We were interviewees traveling through a disused airport with abandoned airplanes everywhere.

The bus stopped and we all got out by the side of an old rustic shed.

The driver got out and took of his outer garment to reveal an army uniform.

He stood on a rusty old circular manhole cover.

There was a sound of rushing wind and both he and the manhole cover descended a circular shaft that had lights every 10 foot or so. We could tell that because both the man and the cover would light up. He descended about 4 levels and a doorway in the side of the shaft opened up he walked through and the shaft went dark and another manhole cover took the place of the old one.

A jeep arrived. All the interviewees got in and drove away. I was told to stay where I was. 

The manhole cover lite up. I was wondering what to do. I decided to step on to it. As soon as I did there was the sound of rushing wind again. The manhole cover descended once again but it whet lower than the drivers level about another 4 levels.

A door opened up and revealed soldiers lined up either side of the hall way I walked through they all saluted as I walked by. 

I was greeted by a small child like figure in army uniform Welcome to the admiralty your majesty said the small child. 'Follow me' , said a tall man who appeared as if from nowhere. I just stared at him he had piercing blue eyes  

He tapped on the map on the wall behind him  it open up and we walked through a long corridor to an ordinary looking doorway. He told me to wait. 

Slowly the door open up to reveal a large room with black and white chessboard style flooring. 

At the far end of the room was a single throne 

Sat in it was an elderly gentle man 

''Welcome my son,'', he said.

''I am confused,'', I said, ''What am I doing here?'', How is that you call me son. 

''You are my son through adoption'', he replied.    

''You are here to fulfil your destiny.'', he said, ''I am going to help you.'', he said. 

''You are here to be trained in all things'' 

I awoke with the words

I have been chosen on my lips  

What do I take from this dream.

1. We have all been chosen by God 

2. All of us have a special purpose 

3. We shall all meet our maker, the chief of heaven's armies A special few meet Him regular.

4. Royalty are only taken into bunkers when war is declared.

5. We are all princes and princesses of Gods kingdom. 

6.  An audience awaits for all who believe.

7. He will make his sovereign will known to all who seek Him with due diligence.


9. Learn the skills and crafts associated with your destiny. He will make them known 

10. We belong in heaven's kingdom. This world we live in, is not our home.

11. When all is said and all is done. He will make a final judgement.

12. Those who make the grade will receive all things

13. Having passed the judgement you will live for all time in heaven.

14. The good news is someone else took the punishment and paid for your crimes.

15. He died and rose again for you!

16. Be determined to win and not lose.

17. Choose HIM today!

18. Remember heaven's sacrifice.

19. The faith to receive forgiveness is a gift from God.

20. Forgiveness is the free gift of God to all mankind.