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Saturday 30 May 2020

Dare to be a doer

You are my children

I love you with an everlasting love

I constantly work to bring blessing to you

I am watching my earth and am always working to bring blessing and favour to my people

 You have within you my power for I bestowed it to you when you first came to me

It is the same power that raised Jesus to life on the third day and parted the red sea.

Come partner with me and do exploits. Use my awesome power to accomplish great deeds

Become Dareing doers of an explosion of exploits

For the day is coming when my people shall accomplish great things in all arenas of human endeavour

Therefore submit yourselves to God, yield to His judgement and all will go well with you

Friday 29 May 2020

I am moving

I am moving amongst you

You yourselves can testify to this

Test the spirit that is moving

All other spirits shall be bound in chains

The day is coming when all unclean spirits will be vanquished

Heaven is invading earth like never before

Don't be a slave to fear but act in faith and love.

You know that these times are full of anguish and fear

But I tell you be of sound heart and mind

That thing you have wanted to do for God until now has been impossible

I tell you now all barriers and hindering circumstances are null and void

The path to greater glory has been opened


Gods voice

The Lord God is in your midst

He is worthy of your faithfulness in that He was faithful to you first

He is forgiver and healer

Do not forget He delivered you from slavery and bondage

Cast out bad spirits in His name Bind them in chains of iron

Lest they should find a new soul to torment.

Do not yield to fear for you have His almighty power at work within your members

Be at peace for you can rest assured that it is well with your soul

Having the mind of Christ, the will of the Father and the peace that surpasses understanding at work within you.

God's voice sounds exactly like your voice. You will know its Him because you will recognise it as not you! It will be outside your normal thinking.

Go on try it close your eyes ask Him what he wants you know?

Did you hear Him? What did he say?

Test it! Does it match his character?
Is it in line with scripture?

I am bold enough to tell you that you heard his voice!

Now act on it!


Monday 18 May 2020


My enemies mock and ridicule me saying God won't deliver him

But you my Lord are a shield around me

Break the teeth of my oppressors and grind them to powder.

May you bind my fierce enemy in chains of iron

Such that they do not assail against me

You are my refuge and fortress and I can trust in You my Lord.

May you fight against those violent men who seek to rule over the city

May you send guardians to protect the city and place watchmen on the towers.

Let an army rise up

Let them be counted amongst the victorious

You are a mountain moving God

Nothing You plan to do fails

You do not give succour to the foolish.

Those who scorn Your teachings

But You give blessings to a thousand generations of those that obey You

And put into practice Your teachings


Monday 11 May 2020

Jesus the Rock

God's Word is a rock

His Teachings a foundation on which to build your life

Those who have a rock as their foundation will stand even in the storm and the gale.

Those who build their life on an unsure footing will come crashing down even in the slightest breeze.

Put into practice His teachings.

In this way build order and substance into your life.

Be wary of other gospels they will lead you astray and undermine the foundations you have built.

Be guided by the knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth.

Become one and walk in step with the Holy Spirit

He is not distant or far away.

Indeed He placed Him within you when you first came to Him and having been baptised with both water and fire you are wholly sanctified and made righteous in His sight.

Do not be alarmed at the trouble you are having for in this life there is much trouble.

But patiently await the Day when all things shall be revealed.

Today is a day of resurrection for you

He shall bring life where there is death and growth where there is decay.

Let Him guide you.

Therefore, confirm your path in Him for He is not darkness or misunderstanding but He is knowledge and light.

Know Him and be sure of your path.


Thursday 7 May 2020

The Waymaker.

I am the Lord Almighty

There is none like me!

I make the desert bloom

and the parched land sing for joy!

I send refreshing rain and make the sun shine on the grasses of the field.

You are like grass that withers in the arid heat

Trust me I shall bring refreshing to you

I shall make you bloom and flower

Generations come and generations go but my Word stands forever.

I never tire of doing good to you.

For you are my children and I love you with an everlasting love

This season of darkness will not last

I am working. Even now.

Though the night has come, joy will come with the rising of the sun

The Day will come when I will draw all men to myself.



Sunday 3 May 2020

These days are days of blessing and not woe.

I am the Lord Almighty

I created all things

I am coming to claim those that are mine

Many have claimed that these days are days of woe

But I tell you I will bring much blessing

I am restoring all things

After these days are over.

Things will be restored.

Families will be restored.

I will bring to myself those in darkness.

I will bring to  myself the lost and the hurting.

My angels are working to bring about my coming

These are days of blessing and not of woe.

I will build and develop, many people will recieve plans from me

and they will bring them from heaven to earth

they will fashion many things, new discoveries and inventions are coming

I will bring all men unto me

You may think that these are days of darkness but my light shines even in the darkness

Darkness is dispelled by my light.

I am the light of the world through me you will see and percieve all things correctly

You who percieve falsely will be given new vision and I will correct you

I will put you on the path to greater glory

You who hunger and thirst for righteousness

I will reveal myself to you and clothe you in new garments

You who are lost and hurting

I will bind your wounds

I will find you and bring you back to me

You will play and frolic with my people once more

You who are blind, who have eyes to see but do not

I will restore to you the sight of the kingdom

I will give you fresh vision

You who are deaf, though you have ears to hear

I will restore to you my hearing.

You will hear from heaven and will bring forth new ideas

My children I am working everything out for your good.

Everything I do, I do for your ultimate glory

I will place  my men and my women in high places

They will tear down evil and all kinds of corruption

Hidden things will be revealed

And when this current storm has spent its fury

I will have restored all things to me

I shall lead my people to greatness.

I shall bring my wealth, that is not of this earth, to the nations

Peace shall be yours

Joy shall be yours

Do not doubt

Have no fear

Do not lose your spiritual ferver

I am coming to claim my bride

There shall be feasting in heaven, the like of which the earth has never seen.

You are invited my child.