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Friday 29 September 2023

All about the God of Heaven

Hebrews 1:1

"Long ago God spoke many times and in many ways to our ancestors through the prophets."


He created the Universe through His Almighty Son

Who is prince of peace, and from everlasting to everlasting!

He is the first born among all creation 

He lives for all eternity but died a criminals death on a cross

He tore the veil from top to bottom  

All men who truely believe can now enter the Most hallowed place

He is immortal, invisible, God only wise

And by his continuing powerful Word and command  the Universe is held together 

Who shall not honour His Name!

May the God of wonders open his eyes to the Almighty One!

Seek first His kingdom and rightousness 

And he shall add to you, beyond measure, all things planned for you since the dawn of time 

And this is not a trivial matter 

For He seeks to place back into your hands, the dominion of mankind

He shall grant to you all power and authority

lost to all mankind since the time of the first Adam.

Do not shy away from your destiny or hide your light away 

But put it on display for all to see

Surely, He shall bless you with an abundance 

For that is His good pleasure!

He is working behind the scenes to advance His flock and his followers.

Take him at His word when he says.

" I shall seek after you with all my heart for I am weeping for those who are perishing."

He is forever faithful God and He is within you .

For He saw fit to grant you spiritual life which forever  feeds the soul.

Take good care of your soul for it is the means by which you interact with both the world around you.

(outside the body) and within your very being. 

Does your soul thirst for the things of God?.

Does your mind crave the knowledge of God?.

Do you seek wisdom, council, power and might?.

Who shall not revere His name?.

For He is from everlasting to everlasting.

He shall in these days pour out such a blessing into your life.

That You will not have room enough to contain it.

So fill you cup with the oil of Joy, and let Him speak His Word into you very soul.


Sunday 24 September 2023

Wind and Flame

Hebrews 1:7
Regarding the angels, he says, “He sends his angels like the winds,his servants like flames of fire.”

I heard the Lord say

I am the God who made all things

It is I who fashioned man out of the dust of the earth 

It is I who hung the earth on nothing

It is I who burns with holy fire

surely it time to send the wind and the flame.

I shall blow your enemies away like dust 

Ask me 

I shall not hold back 

Your enemies strength shall be broken


My friends are your friends 

And my people you people

Do not be alarmed when I say I am sending wind and fire

for I am Justice and I am fire

I shall burn and scorch away anything in you or close to you that is not of me

Do not be alarmed 

you will lose the witch and the frenemy who have attached themselves to you 

I shall expose your demons 

I shall bring down the evil kings 

I shall smite the prince of darkness and the jezebel who haunts you  

And I shall make you great among your peers

None will be like you 

For you have a friend in God

Your life is about to change there is a new season coming 

I shall send the wind and the fire


Sunday 17 September 2023

Come join with me and see the world change

I heard the Lord say 

Hear me my child I am God. Mighty and wonderous.

There is none to compare with me

I cause the sun to shine and moon to circle the earth.

Do not be alarmed when I say that all things will cease

The sun will no longer shine and rains fall no longer.

Seek me and yearn for my salvation 

For I offer it to you without cost

There will come a day when time itself will cease 

There will be no growth 

everything will come to an end 

crops won't be harvested

There will be no more tears

No more pain 

No more sorrow

Grief will come to an end 

Yet, I say to you:  joy will be yours on that day, for I am the God of renewal 

Both heaven and earth will pass away but my kingdom shall remain 

Seek to know me, as I know you!

Every hair on your head is numbered 

I know your inmost parts 

I am not hard to find

Nor do I hide my presence away from you 

Yet you sense my presence like morning mist 

Trust me the Son shall burn away the mist with his light 

He shall turn your mourning to dancing and you grief to Joy 

He is Alpha and Omega  

He is the first and the last

Surely I shall bless you with abundance and plenty 

For I am the God of the Harvest

Come seek me, join your hand with mine 

And I shall guide you into your first and best future 

For all your days were written in my books before the foundation of the world

Do not be afraid for I am pleased to grant you a visitation.

I shall meet you and I shall greet you with open arms 

You have sought me for a long time 

I tell you today is the day of new beginnings

Your situation is about to change 

Be ready for that most hallowed moment when I shall be glad to pour out into your lap 

Riches aplenty from my heavenly kingdom

Be blessed in all you do today 


Wednesday 13 September 2023

I the Lord of hosts am your healer

 And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.

Hebrews 11:6 NLT

Here I am. 

I have come to give you life.

Believe in me and watch as I pour out blessing into your life   

Come seek me and I shall make myself known to you 

I shall accomplish all things in proper time 

Trust me to provide in that hallowed moment 

I tell you now is the time to reach out your hand and join it with mine 

As a parent guides a young child across the road and teaches them the highway code 

So, I will teach you the ways of my Kingdom and shall guide you around obstacles

Be of good cheer, for with me, you can be confident, for I know all things: past , present , and future.

I know what lies ahead for you. But remember there is an ancient enemy called the serpent and the devil and satan who wants to make your journey unyeildingly harsh, But fear not for I have overcome him.

I bought back the dominion of man with my own blood. 

And choose to offer back to you without cost.   

You will not be required to climb the mountain before you, for I am the God who casts mountains into the sea.

Do not be alarmed that some obtain their miracle in short time and for you it takes longer 

Some answers come like breeding rabbits!

Did you know elephants take two years from conception to birth?

Abraham and Sarah were O.A.P's before they got their miracle

So keep your faith strong for I am a guiding light and a safe refuge from strong stormy seas.





Sunday 10 September 2023

The God of fulfillment and certainty

 I am the God of fulfillment and certainty

Believe me when I tell you all things shall reach final fulfillment

My Word never fails, for I am trustworthy and you can be sure of my supporting ways

Draw close to me and I shall act 

Do not be alarmed for I am going to move in your midst 

I shall cause you to rise 

I shall cause you to see, your blind eyes will be opened

There shall be fire and sulphur

There shall be rocks and ash

One shall be swept away to my heavenly kingdom but another shall remain 

I am the righteous judge who decides your case but your advocate is working on your behalf.

He is pleading your case before me 

Surely I shall bring to a close the books of heaven 

I shall write the final chapter and the books shall be closed.

Indeed all things have been concluded

Yet I am patient, not wanting any to be destroyed

Surely I shall show kindness and be merciful to all my creation

For I am the God who formed you. 

I know you. Every hair of your head has been numbered. All your parts are known to me

Be amazed at my dealings with men

For my ways are yes and amen 

I shall come among and you together with me you shall judge, even the angels shall come under our rulings and edicts

We shall be as one head among the nations for you shall share my power and govern with foresight and integrity for you have gained the favor of the most high God


Sunday 3 September 2023

New Beginnings

 I am the God of the new day

It is I that cause the sun to rise and set

I cause the grass to grow and the rose to bud

Every day is provided as an opportunity to grow in the knowledge of me

So seek me and my kingdom

Be sure I am more than able to meet your every need

Let those who are lame throw away their mats.

Let the blind put aside their guide dogs and sticks

Let the poor in spirit be glad for the riches of heaven belong to them

Surely I shall be glad to grant you favor from on high

You shall rejoice when I make myself known to you for I delight to commune with my people

See I have stationed angels around you and they have keys that will unlock closed doors and they shall offer them to you

I am the God who makes the crooked straight

I am the God who makes the rain and the snow

I make the desert bloom and grapes ripe for harvesting

See this very day you shall begin the path to greatness

It is I who is sovereign over all

No enemy is able to stand before me every knee shall bow

So offer your life to me and watch my outpouring