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Tuesday 28 May 2019

A time of Favour

My children your time of favour is at hand, for I have remembered your suffering. It pains my heart to look upon your pain.

Look at the Sun and Moon. Does not the Moon  reflect the Sun's light in the darkness of night. Does not the seas water give light too.

I am there with you in the darkness. Look for signs. Watch. Search. Be vigilant and you will find them.

I am with you always. Align yourself to my Spirit. Let us tarry together and commune with one another.

Look for me and you will find me.

Do not leave the place I have brought you to. Move forward with intention and foresight.

Look at the trees how they search out water in arid regions . At the surface it looks like a desert. But the water is down deep in a reservoir

Trees that have shallow roots fall quickly. But trees that have deep roots remain sturdy even in strong  gales.

My strongest warriors have come through the hardest battles. Hardened as iron yet still be able to weep at injustice.

My heart weeps with yours.

I have become weary of seeing your suffering, I am raising up men and women even children in my strength, they shall do exploits. They shall quench thirsty lands and nations. They shall deliver my righteous justice to all people. They shall be as light to all men. They shall drive out evil from the highest of places. Many are those who would oppose me but they are as grass to the oxen. Pain. Misery. Suffering shall all be swollowed up in my victory. For my victory is absolute and final.       

Be at peace my child.

My blessings are coming
My favour is coming
My honour is coming
My riches are coming

Open your hands

Get ready for I am about to pour out blessing.

Monday 20 May 2019

The Redeemer

I am the God who redeems.

I am the God who saves.

I am the God who heals.

Is there any god like me?

I want to be your friend.

Come take my hand and I will guide you into your best future.

I offer you love beyond measure and undeserved mercy and favour in abundance

I will pour out unending blessing into your life.

I have your best interests at heart.

Come to me my child and receive your reward.

You have run with intention and foresight.

Be blessed because of it.

Behold I am holding every good gift before you.

 Now TAKE and eat.

 They shall produce a rich harvest in your soul.

Be blessed my children and find everything for life when you come to me.


Sunday 19 May 2019

compassions voice

My child you are of utmost importance to the coming of my kingdom.

You are the  greatest of my creation

I gave you dominion.

Who will usher in the next wave of blessing ??

You my child !!

As you focus on my gifts with in you

And use them to bless those around you.

Do not ignore the voice of compassion or the voice of reason.

I am not an unreasonable God !

Everything I do. I do FOR you!! Not against you!!

Wisdom is searching for you

Compassion is searching for you

Be open to their leading

Open your heart to compassion  and wisdom

For they are sources of power to those that believe.


Sunday 12 May 2019

The Creator

I am the God who made all things

I am the cornerstone of everything that is true

 Make me your foundation

Come and learn from me.

Allow me to teach you.

Let me be your guide.

Keep to the path I shall show you

Do not turn from it.

Neither left nor right.

Keep going forward

Your hearts desire shall be fulfilled when you make me your focus.

No good thing shall be kept from you.

I supply all good things, nothing bad or harmful is found in me.

Drop your cares and your worries at my feet and take release and  freedom from me.


Thursday 9 May 2019

All the earth shout out praise

All the earth shall shout out praise

I am the Lord Almighty there is none like Me in all the heavens

I redeemed you. You are Mine

You share My throne and reign with Me.

You share My authority. My Father gave it to Me and I have shared it with you.

Whatever you declare in my Name and not doubt shall be done for you.

Indeed as soon as your declaration leaves your lips, the order is given.

You are my beloved. I have loved you from before the universe was given its foundation.

I know you.

I fashioned you out of the dust of the earth.

I am the one who gives sight to blind eyes.

I open closed ears and mute lips

I breathe life into dead bones.

I am life.

I am joy.

I am peace.

I am provision.

Come to me and live.

Come to me and be blessed.

Come to me and rest.

Come to me and find security.

Come to me and be comforted.


My child I am your loving father

My child.

I am the God who creates
I am the  God who heals
I am the God who renders right judgement

Tell me who is like me?
Who can know?

I am the God who knows all things and I am with you. I shall never leave you.

Behold I am coming to claim my bride. She does not know when

Get ready. Do not be found asleep. Be watchful and read the signs fortold to you by my prophets of long ago.

Open your heart and hear my words of love and affection. I who comforts you am coming to claim you.

We shall be united.

Commune with me
Abide with me.

Come to me and I shall make you great
You will rule over kings and princes

You will reign with me forever.

Ps. I love you.

Your loving father.

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Holy is the lord

Holy is the Almighty
He is God

He alone is sovereign

Praise Him my soul for He alone is worthy to be praised

The sun rises and sets at His bidding

As I stand here I am in awe of His mighty hand

He alone governs the stars

Majestic is His name high above all

Yet He chose me to bring forth His kingdom on earth

I am filled with wonder at His power

Yet He calls me friend and beloved

Praise the Lord

Sunday 5 May 2019

God of love

Great is the Lord

He alone is God

He loves you and desires to give you your hearts desire

Find fulfilment in Him alone

He created the heavens and the earth

He hung the world on nothing

He sets the orbits of the planets

And named every star

This is the God who desires your friendship and love

He is not distant or hard to reach for he put His Spirit in you.

Out of your belly flows a river of living water

Let the flood gates open and nourish your soul

Praise Him for he is worthy to be praised


Saturday 4 May 2019

everlasting love

My Child I love you with an everlasting love.

I can do no other for I am the embodiment of love.

You may think me distant but I am with you, closer than your own shadow.

I am the light that shines within you.

My light shines even in dark and lonely places.

I know all things

Nothing is hidden.

I know when you sit down and when you rise up.

Behold I am Truth and always speak love and blessing into you

You may blame me for your pain and suffering but I never wanted  my creation to see death.

It broke my heart when those I loved turned against me.

I am your Father and Creator.

I will love you always even when you hate and dispise me.

I am looking for you. Will you come into the light of my love.

I promise to be with you always

I am always faithful and never break a promise.

Come and see.

Open the door

You alone hold the key.

Make your choice

You will not be dissapointed.