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Wednesday 23 November 2022


 I have seen your deeds

I am El shaddai God Almighty

It is I who open doors for my children 

It is I who closes doors too

I am like a shepherd who separates his sheep and prepares them for the field

I shall lead you to the field where there is ample provision 

Make an account of everything for it will required of you 

Do not be deceived by those who don't know me

I know you for I created all things and hold them together by my powerful hand 

This very day I shall prepare you for the field

I have made a way 

Walk where I have walked

And soon you shall be on the right road

And as you journey along your path 

I shall guide you for I have marked the way 

I shall be a light for your path 

And a staff to lean on for it is I that test the way forward

Imagine a ground that is solid in part and weak in part 

How foolish it would be to walk and not test the ground so I tell you walk the path I have marked and you will find your way 

I stand at the gate and watch as you walk by each one of you is directed by my hand those that stray from my chosen path will get there by another route 

But for every man woman and child the destiny is to be like the Christ in word and deed and outlook.


Tuesday 15 November 2022


 I will walk among you; I will be your God, and you will be my people.

Leviticus 26:12 NLT

Consider these words 

they promise a special relationship with your God

Did you see it?

I will be your God

You will be my people

Its a two way relationship 

We are to be freinds 

One definition is

a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection

I can tell you his affection towards you outweighs any affection you have for him

His affection for you is without limits

God loves it when we show him affection

I lay down a challenge 

Decide in your heart to show God affection today by some means in any way you can 



 I am the lord of all creation

Everything was made by my hand

I shall accomplish mighty things in the days to come

Trust me I am there in the morning and the evening

Your whole life is lived in me

Watch the days to come

See If I will not bless you with everything I have planned for you

Surely I will do it 

Trust me to fulfill my words

All things hold together in me 

I am the resurrection and the life

I am the fire that you seek

Come to me in the private place in the secret and quiet place