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Saturday 29 June 2019

the light within

My Light is within you
My Strength is with you

Put a song of praise on your lips and worship the Lord God Almighty.

He Alone is worthy to be praised

It is He who sends Fire.
He shall ignite a Fire in your soul.
That none can extinguish.

I shall write my Word on your heart and mind
Whomever receives  My Word and believes and obeys
shall open the window of heaven

My Glory shall be seen in dark places

Those whom I have sealed shall share my Glory
and sit at my table

They will enter the darkest of places
and shall carry my Light and guide those lost in darkness
They are a light house built on a Rock


Sunday 23 June 2019

A New Name Has Been Written Over You!

Today God is writing a new name over your family, your church, your town, your nation.

God is Present shall be the Name written over you.

I assign this Name because it is my desire to bring Salvation to you.

Salvation will come to you
Redemption will come to you
Power and Authority will come to you

For My desire is to see My Kingdom operating in your midst, from this day forth there shall be a new inheritance over you. I have made you princes and princesses of my Kingdom.

I have entrusted you with My Authority.

You shall speak and it shall be done.

Believe in your heart do not doubt for my Kingdom is not for the double minded

Believe me when I tell that your pain has been taken away. Do not say maybe God does not want this for me or maybe the timing isnt right I tell you Now your pain IS taken away. Why would you hold a gift in your hand and beleive you dont have it ??? Are you not doubled minded ??

I tell you! Your Sin HAS been PAID for and your Shame TAKEN AWAY!!


Friday 21 June 2019

My child

My child, I want to know you! My greatest desire is that you become my friend.

Be still and know that I am God!

You are my beloved.
You are my chosen.

Come to me and live.
Come to me and receive.
Come to me and I will show secrets beyond human comprehension,  My Spirit will make them known to you.

I am the  powerhouse of Love and a Fearsome Warrior.

I fought for you because I love you .
I defeated death and hell .
I hold the keys of hades.

Come to know me my child .

I love you beyond words.

I created the heavens and earth, the big and the small, it is I who holds all in their proper place.

Is there any other like me !

You are loved.
You are chosen.
You are free.


Tuesday 18 June 2019

Mourning shall turn to joy

Mourning shall turn to joy in my presence. Behold I have broken the chains of death and have secured the Victory on behalf of all creation.

Weep no more my child find comfort in my presence

Abide in me my child.
For I am the embodiment of love.

Those who abide in me shall find peace and joy and hope and grace and favour.

No longer will mourning be your lot for  I offer comfort and peace

Believe this truth and live

Behold I hold the keys of death and hell. Victory is mine. I bought your redemption before the world was conceived.

At that moment your salvation was purchased .  Behold I offer it to you now without cost.

Your debt has been paid in full.

You are like gold in a field, more precious and more valuable than the price of redemption


Sunday 16 June 2019

Life from death!

A glass tumbler is filled with water and placed in the light soon it goes stagnant and becomes infested.

The dead, infested  and stagnant shall become as fresh water when my river flows into it once more 

The reservoir of your soul shall be filled to overflow

I declare there to be Life were once there was death 

For I am the  God of new and fresh things 

Those who come to me shall be renewed with vitality and new giftings for new seasons.

Healing and  Wholeness are found in my Kingdom

My Kingdom shall never end 

Behold I have bestowed upon you Keys to doors long held shut.

Whatever you declare in my Name and not doubt shall be done for you, for I am for you, not against you. 

All my words are  spoken for your benefit and your healing.


Monday 10 June 2019

Ripe for harvest

The fields are ripe for a harvest !

Never before has there been a generation like this !

I am your God and you are my children.

Come to Me and be blessed with gifts beyond comprehension.

Never before have I gifted My children with what I am about to pour out!

You shall be the first among many generations

Both great and small shall prophesy

Rich and poor will speak and  I declare that they shall do things foretold to you long ago.

The former has gone, the new has come

Behold I am bringing to fruit those things my prophets of old talked about.

The nations shall be as one under me

Those that believe my Word and do it will increase upon the earth

Get ready, do not be found asleep. Wake up people!

Align yourself to Me and become whole.


Friday 7 June 2019

Making melody

Sing and make music with flute and lyre. Make a joyful melody. Rejoice with all your heart

For the lord has made you righteous and has cleansed your stains. You are white as snow.

Come into his presence with a glad and happy heart.

Your enemies have been routed and laid bare

They are as chaff that the wind blows away.

Rejoice all of Zion for I have chosen you to carry my Name to the 4 corners of the earth.

Be blessed in your work.

For I have given you purpose.

Be found in me and live.

Give your heartache and pain to me and recieve joy , gladness and freedom.