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Tuesday 25 June 2024

The Lord's goodness

I the Lord delight in doing good to my children 

Even my wrath is poured out for your benefit 

I am creator

I am sustainer 

It is my desire to create in you my likeness 

For you were created in my image 

And designed to do my will 

You are destined for greatness 

For I provide for all your needs

Look at the sparrow. 

It builds its nest out of my supply and feeds its young in season 

Do I only offer an abundance in some seasons?


I supply in all seasons   

For I am more than able

Seasons come and seasons go but my Word stands for all time

You are my most treasured possession 

I love you beyond measure 

you can not understand the depths of my love for you 

it's height 

it's length 

it's width  

Tell me who can fathom the depths to which I go to prove my love for you.

Surely I shall display my love for you in ways you can not fathom

My creative power is plain for all to see surely my name is embedded within creation itself 

Look to the heavens and see my glory