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Monday 29 June 2020

Bringing down Goliath

You have the desire for victory but you have lost the taste for spiritual war

Its time to renew your taste for spiritual warfare 

Learn from the mighty kings of old 

It is time to knit your life to God 

Desire to obey God 

You have been raised to deliver your kingdom from the enemies clutches 

It was your ancestors mantle 

Your forefathers battled with giants in their day

and were victorious  

Now its time for you to take up their mantle 

You are facing the same enemy that ancient serpent called lucifer and his fallen ones 

You will prevail

Your Goliath will fall

For I have ordained that you will become the father of many

God is bestowing weapons of war upon his people

He is training warriors and mighty ones 

They shall  be victorious 

History will remember them with honour 

for their valour and bravery will see many enemies of God defeated


Sunday 28 June 2020

Be at peace my child

Be at peace my child

For I am working in your midst

I placed the stars in the heavens and keep them in their orbits

I cause the rain to fall and the grass the grow

I created all things invisible and visible

Yet I desire to be your friend

Partner with me and see the world change

Hear my words and obey my teachings

Be doers not hearers only

Listen to my words and obey my teachings

Listen and

 you will dream dreams and see visions

You will prophesy to the nations

You will be doers of deeds

An explosion of exploits is coming

I am training my people my chosen ones

Get ready the time is now
 the place is wherever you are
and the person is you


How Can the Church Address Racism?

Were you raised as a racist?

Is it something you struggle with either as racist or victim?

Do you have a subconscious bias ?

Friday 19 June 2020

A blessing

May the Lord bless your land
and give you the cattle of a thousand hills
may he increase your flocks and give to you the best the land has to offer

May heaven's finest dew be yours.
May the waters of the deep rise up and quench the parched land.
May the suns finest be yours and the ancient mountains choicest gifts fill your basket.

Let the best of the earth be yours and the favour of Him who dwelt in the burning bush be yours

May you become a prince among your brothers.
May you lead your family to greatness.
May you rule the nations and be king of everything he gives you.

Let the earth give to you the crops of the fields.
May you increase in wealth and gain the riches of the earth

Let the suns light lead you by day and the moons by night.

May your descendants be as the stars, too numerous to count.

May He teach you his precepts
May He guide your steps
May He enlighten you with wisdom and knowledge.

Let Him give to you His peace and let him show you His mercy and favour.


Wednesday 17 June 2020

Strength and shield in time of trouble

And I say to the lord, You are my strength
 and You are my shield in times of trouble 

I am the Lord almighty draw near to me and I will strengthen you 
I will sharpen you and you will become great in the nations.

Even though I am weary and troubled and despairing yet I will praise the Lord.

I have seen trouble and affliction 

My enemies have trouble stored up for me 

Yet the Lord is my judge and defender.

I will be vindicated for I am innocent, He is my advocate in heavens courts 

I will trust in the Lord for He is holy and righteous

I will rest under His wing and be safe and secure


Tuesday 9 June 2020

songs of praise

Let us fill our hearts with songs of praise.

The eternal anthem sound.

That Christ is Lord and God and King.

His Blood hath set us free.

He alone hath made the heavens.

He alone mapped out the stars.

And we His children, always ready,  to obey His word, come what may!

If we should sin.

In Him, forgiveness shall we find.

And comfort, healing balm and blessed rest from pain and wounds and worried days.

So thus we find, through night and day.

He is our friend, both true and kind.

He alone is God Almighty

He alone is King of kings

Yet he wants to be your friend.

and He your hearts desire

Do not resist

Do not say no

Accept Him, today , and you will find His strength and power and might will begin to work within your spirit, soul and body.

He is your righteousness.

You are presented without fault, before the Highest Judge of all.

Innocent and blameless are you found, for you have been redeemed.

Another paid the price in your stead, you have been set free.


Monday 1 June 2020

from the sea to the mountain

I never tire of speaking to you for I desire to commune with you

have you not heard

I have spoken of my love for you throughout time

I love you for I created you

You are my beloved children

Speak boldly to those mountains you face

you feel as though you are at sea, adrift on the current.

yet it is God who sets the currents

you face a mountain head on

you think there is no way ahead

there is no map for your journey for you are in uncharted seas

yet God created all things, both seen and unseen

God has set a tidal wave of glory that is going to sweep you from uncharted seas to the top of the mountains

You will live there in the mountains until God brings you down the mountain again

You will not be the same person your character will be renewed your mindset altered

But don't make the mistake of thinking that the valley is your new home, your home is still with God, in the mountains, but you venture into the valley to bring the lost, the hurting, the sick and the dying the message of hope that God taught you on the mountain.   

Don't mistake the abode of God for a barrier The abode of God is a dwelling place to be sought after not a barrier to be overcome. Don't let fear rule you, for you have within you power, love and a sound mind