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Thursday 18 April 2019

Praise the lord

Praise the lord oh my soul
You are stronger than any foe

You are mighty in battle
You are victorious in war

I shall put my trust in you
For you are my strength
You are my rock

You name is high above all
We lift you up before men

Your name gives us hope
Your name gives us a future

I shall declare your name above my life and over soul

You were there at the beginning and shall be there at the end

You know all things

Who am I that I can hide from you

In the heights you are there
In the depths you are there

My soul shall delight in you

I can do no other


I am the lord almighty

I am the Lord Almighty

There is None like Me!

I am Mighty in Battle

and Victorious in War

I am more powerful than any foe you could face!

Trust in me and the strength of my might

I am riding into battle on the clouds

My warriors are with me

You are not alone

I am with you

When you walk I am there

I know you

I formed you from dust and breathed life into you

You are my beloved