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Thursday 29 August 2019


My lord my God I am covered in shame
You have departed from me.
You gave me a choice
My choice has lead me away from You.

Look upon me with favour once again my Lord.
What repentance do I need to offer my Lord?
How can I demonstrate remorse?
How can I be restored unto the path chosen for me?

Speak now for I am your humble servant.
I do not seek wealth or riches but You alone my Lord My God.

You know all things my Lord my God!
All my choices are laid before you like a book.

You are the Sovereign Lord.
You weave mens choices into your perfect plan.

You stand outside all creation and look upon the schemes of men.
Your sovereign will stands for all time

Let me partner with you once again.
Let the Word of the Lord be found in my heart and be placed upon my lips
Let me speak your Word and declare Your will to the nations.

Put an unquenchable fire in my heart for I am Yours
To You alone I belong.

You are my Hope.
You are my Strength.

Let your words be my Words my Lord my God.

Carry my sin my far from me, remember it no more.

Let me see what You see
Let me hear what You hear
Let me feel what You feel
Let me touch what You touch
Let me smell what You smell

Give to me your thoughts my Lord.
Give me an undivided heart and purity of thought.

Wednesday 28 August 2019


Dear children you were bought at great price.

You have been redeemed and are set free with another taking punishment in your stead.

Remember your former days in slavery. You have been set free

You are like gold hewn from the earth at great cost: your worth far exceeds the cost of your redemption.

Do not neglect your freedom for it cost much

Come to me my child

Recieve favour and grace from my hand.

You are in my presence and I offer you my very essence in exchange for your sin.

Exchange your pain, your heartache, your shame for comfort, joy and holiness.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Shaking with fear

Are you shaking with fear!

Is your heart troubled!

I shall bless you!

Trust in the power of my Name for it is high above every name.

Your struggle has not gone unnoticed, behold I have given the order on your behalf.

My angels are on their way, even now they surround you.

They stand with you with My gifts in open hand.

Taste and see

Come eat and drink my gifts which are offered freely with cost.

Friday 23 August 2019

United with Him in Spirit and Truth

I offered myself so that you could be united with me !

You are one with me in Spirit and Truth.

You who worship me in Spirit and Truth 

Are part of my very self for you are my hands and feet in a broken world 

It is you who shall usher in the next wave of blessing 

As you focus on the giftings I have placed within you, you usher in my Kingdom

You are a prince in my Kingdom and I have bestowed upon you my authority

Whatever you decree in my Name shall be done

There is an open heaven over you pull down my Kingdom right where you are.

My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom but a heavenly one 

You carry my Kingdom with you wherever you go.

Give heed to my voice within you for you know my voice

Do whatever I command you search my word and do not hold back 

Be like Abraham of old who did not hold back from offering his only son.

I knew he feared me because of his obedience 

and I credited it to him as righteousness

I have bestowed my righteousness upon you for you have none of your own 

you wear it like a garment 

likewise put on the garment of praise and worship me 




Tuesday 20 August 2019

Precious gems

Beloved sons and daughters

You are like precious gems hewn from the rock. I moved heaven and earth to find you!

Yet you are still rough and without form.

Come to me and will examine you. I will test you. Yet you will not be harmed for the parts I will grind away were never meant to be part of the you.

You walked among thorns and weeds and they stuck to you

You have carried them for so long you have become accustomed to them.

They have made your walk and gait strange.

Let me pull them off for you. You will not be harmed for my hand is gentle

Come to me my child let me untangle you.

Friday 16 August 2019

Rustling leaves

You are facing an unrivaled foe, a harsh enemy.

Listen out for a sign

Commune with me and I shall tell you what to watch for

Give supplication to me and you shall recieve from my hand

Listen and take heed. You will receive a sign in your midst. Listen for it ! Watch for it ! I have gone before you ! I have prepared the ground!

Do not press forward until you see the sign.

I have given the enemy into your hands

You shall be victorious in these coming days.

Wednesday 14 August 2019

The God of power

My child listen to me I am the God of your forefathers.

I have always been faithful to my oath to protect you.

Many have passed me by when I came to them. Do not be like them for I fight your corner, always, whether you come to me or not.

But I yearn for your friendship and trust

Come to me and I will make you great.

Are not burdens made light when shared with me.

You do not fight your bitter enemy alone.

I have gone before you.

I hem you in on every side.

Your enemy has to come through me to get to you !

Claim what I am holding before you!

See if I am not sweet and tender in your stomach.

Sunday 4 August 2019

The God who lives

I am the God who lives.

I see and know all things. There is nothing hidden from me.

I have redeemed you. You are mine.

You were lost but I searched for you.
You were mourning but I comforted you.
You were weak but I strengthened you.

My child come to me and refresh your soul.
I give new hearts and breathe live into dead bones.

Find fulfilment in me alone.

I will give you a new name and refresh your purpose.