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Thursday 21 November 2019

Stars and Sand

Abraham, because you have not withheld your son , your only son. I will make your decendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the shore.

Your Stars and Sand season is at hand.

Believe in me and also my Son.

Be prepared to give up your future and dream.

And I shall open up the windows of heaven.

Become as a child and trust me

I shall bless you with health, wealth, vitality, your youth will be renewed, even though you are advanced in years you shall become young.

I say honour your parents and live a long life.

Do not run with thieves and scoundrels for it will be your undoing and you will lose even your very life.

Behold my gifts are yours for all time.

I offer salvation, mercy, grace, forgiveness and I shall bless you abundantly.

Take my words to heart and put its teachings into practice.

Then you will prosper.

Look after widows and orphans and do not neglect the hungry.

Be sure my refreshing rain is coming into your life

Do you know who you have within you?

Surely it is the God of comfort who has power to heal,

Out of your belly flows a stream of living water

Place your hands on your stomach and recieve the answer to your prayer by faith.

You shall feel it rise up from the depths of your being.

And you shall be healed and your iniquity taken away.


Saturday 16 November 2019

Jesus Lives

Come raise a song of praise

Open your eyes

Death has been defeated

Its power broken for all time

Eternity beckons you forth

I have ordained a new heaven and earth

My plan is that:

health conquer sickness

wealth conquer poverty

joy conquer sorrow


love conquer hate

Who would not want my plan?

Join me now and begin to call it forth in your life

For you it has been ordained since time began

I have planned your days and am calling it forth

My angels are working hard to help you!

Why not help them to minister to you?

Become aware of their presence in your midst for you are never alone.

Open your heart and take the gifts they offer you.

Even now they are working to bring about my plan for your life.

There is a fresh annointing available so raise a song of praise and thank him for his overwhelming love for you. He plans to prosper you.

You shall become everything I have planned for you!

I never promised a life of ease but remain faithful and I shall help you .

I am present even in the darkness so do not dispair

Call to me! Even then.

I have promised never to harm you

Never again will I flood the earth.

See the rainbow a symbol of my unending love for you

Next time it rains and the bow is seen in the sky remember my unending love.

There shall be a refreshing fire it shall burn in your heart and cleanse your soul.

He is the Lord of all heaven and earth

He is alpha and omega

He knows the story of your life.

Trust his judgements over your life

Now you see darkly as through fog  but soon all will become clear.

Be patient, the fog will lift and you will see.

As the morning mist is burned away by the sun so I will burn away the fog that is around you.

So come, abide in my presence.


Monday 11 November 2019

God's Purposes

God has a purpose for your life

Esther was queen yet symbolic of an orphan generation

Her people were chosen for genocide by the kings admiral

Yet Esther when petitioned by Mordecai to approach the king was enboldend to go before the king at risk of her life

She had to do something counter cultural and almost suicidal

Yet she approached the king and won his heart

The kings admiral was hung on the gallows meant for Mordecai

What were you born for ??

Have you found your purpose ??

Has your appointed time manifest yet ??

Your life will be significant for that people group God has called you to.

Some of you are living your appointed calling

Others are still searching

Still others are waiting for the fulfilment of time

Yet ALL are called according to His purpose

Remember God's timing is perfect

You shall accomplish God's purposes in due course.

By His sovereign will you shall fulfill your appointed calling

Become wise and cunning regarding God's purposes for which you are called

This very week some will have God's calling placed upon their life.

Do you know God's appointment for your life??

Does that make you fearful ,concerned, worried ??

Do not yield to fear for it shall enslave you!

A child of God who has the heart of a lion need not be afraid for you have within you the Spirit of God.


Heavens Courts

My Holy Spirit is with those who worship me

I have bestowed his power on you

Yet sin gives the evil one grounds and authority to oppress you

Do not let the sun set without first humbling yourself and submitting to God

The final decree binding satan for all time was signed at calvary it is the only decree we need to vanquish satan for good

So why let him govern your life as though he was Lord.

Act now and do not doubt believe in the power of calvarys sacrifice

You will face opposition he will kick and scream like an angry child but remember You have the authority of the lion of judah behind any act of faith.

Your acts of faith accomplish much and your righteousness is seen by God the Father. And He responds with the  kindness of grace and favour.


Dark places

Remember you are children born of God

Do not allow the world to pollute your soul
For you are being redeemed

Why clean the cup only to dirty it again

Do you not know those around you drink of your essense

You walk among them and they are sanctified by Gods light that is within you.

You bring light into their darkness and lead them

Have you not felt darkness leave when you enter the abode of satan

This is the valley of shadows

Those whom have made darkness their abode

When you pass through dark valleys  and shadows remember my light is there for I have gone ahead of you

There is nowhere to hide from my presence

I am in the storm and the wind

I am in the rain and the hail

I am in the sun by day and the moon by night

Do not think the cup is cleansed without cost

It cost much

I am gentle and patient.

 I know your heart for I am molding it into the likeness of my Son

Be patient for I am patient

Be loving for I am loving

Be kind for I am kind

Look after the poor and broken

For when you do you look after me

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Rulers rise and fall

Rulers rise and fall by my hand

I am the Lord of all

I steer mens hearts and minds

Men plot and scheme in vain for I am sovereign and above all

I weave mens choices into my perfect plan for I am alpha and omega

I know all things

I know your innermost thoughts and feelings those you hide behind your image

I say to you rulers be men and women of substance and not image

Do not put your hope in vain imagination but lean on the rock a firm foundation

Jesus the rock upon which is founded all decency and upstanding

Let Him be your guide and stay close to him

He leads your heart and mind

And though you are misunderstood hold fast to his leading

For when you do he shall prosper you


Sunday 3 November 2019

Divine Exchange

We declare the Lords greatness

We declare Him the exalted One

His name is Jesus

He is our battle cry who reigns on High

Above all our pain and heartache

Above our sorrows and dissatisfactions

When we live in His presence we stand aside from our sorrows and pains

To live in that moment of Divine exchange for all time from this moment forth is what we need above all else.

When this happens we change kingdoms and domains from one centred on pain to one centred on wholeness and vitality.