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Sunday 26 January 2020

Your food is to do my will

Let your food be to do my will

Pray and ask for my plan for your life to be revealed to you

I desire your greatest good

You say let us obey Gods word

That is good

Yet my will for your life is more than the teaching in my word to you

It is my revealed will for your life

Ask me and I shall reveal my plan for your life

Come close to me and know me

Seek to emulate my Son and obey His teaching

Let knowledge and wisdom be found in you
Let power and might be found in you
Let council and the fear of the lord be found in you.

I am the God of fire and judgement

I am the creator of all things

I can not lie

You are powerful as the lion
And gentle as the lamb

You are peaceful like the dove
And wise as the owl

You are cunning as the fox
And swift as the cheetah

All these things are true of you


Wednesday 22 January 2020

Believe in the Son

The Son has a name higher than the angels

God never said to any of his angels 'Today I have become your father'

But God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in His begotten Son

And when He that is Christ overcame death by being raised was granted the right hand seat in the throne room of the One true living God.

It was He the Word made flesh which made His earth His dwelling

His name is Higher than any other name either in heaven or earth or under the earth.

He has power and authority over all creation whether seen or unseen.

And yet he desires to know you as  friend.

Seek him and you will find Him

He is not far away or difficult to reach

Open the eyes of your heart

It is not His desire that any should perish.

Wake up and smell His sweet aroma

The aroma of forgiveness and mercy,  pleasant and calming on the nostrils.

It removes the pungent smell of death and decay.

A life giving affirming  aroma

Seek Him

He is waiting for you !

He created all things.

He knows your inmost thoughts and desires.

So do not delay in seeking Him.


Tuesday 21 January 2020

Kings and kingdoms

Kings and kingdoms will bow down before me.  For I created all things

I am the God who created the heavens and the earth

Yet I am your helper. I want to help you in your life today.

You do not need to struggle or fight for I won the victory on your behalf.

The deal is done. Made in your favour. No power or authority can stand before you . As I given my authority to you.

Death and hell have been defeated. Their power forever broken.

Behold the lamb alive forever has overcome.

Out of the ashes

I lift you out of the ashes.

Sorrow shall not be your master.

Your dry bones shall be revived.

I am the giver of life.

I am a loving Father to the nations.

Call out to me with a united voice.

Speak to me from where you are.

I shall hear from heaven and answer.


Monday 20 January 2020

Seek me and you will find me

Be blessed.

Seek me and you will find me.

I am not distant or far away.

For I breathed my essence into you when you first came to me !

Have you forgotten ?

Do you not know ?

I have placed my very self within you!

Have you lost your way ?

Pray and yeild to my leading for I am not one to lead you to ruin!

Far from it!

I am the God who seeks your best interest.

I desire to be close to you as I am close to my father!

Do not be like those who use my name and yet are far from me!

You will say Lord did we not heal the sick in your name.

Truly I say to you become wise and humble yourself.

Know me as I know my Father.

And all will go well with you.

The God of all comfort and compassion seeks to know you.

Draw close to me and I will draw close to you.


Know me.


Tower of strength

I am a tower of strength

Draw from me and stand

My name is above every name for I created all things.

Let me clothe you with my garments and put my cloak of protection around you.

Let my spirit draw near and I will prosper you.

Even now my heart rejoices over you my child I yearn for your love

Let me bless you
Let me guide you
Let me teach you

And will show you my most precious secrets. I will reveal mysteries and conundrums and put things in place to reveal all things

I will give you the wisdom of creation itself. You shall accomplish things in this generation like no other.

I will give you remedies and cures for the most pernicious of diseases.

You shall prosper in ways you cannot fathom. I will show the depths of my grace and favour and blessing.

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Seek me

Seek me and you will find me.

I am not distant or far away.

I am closer than your own shadow.

I have put my Spirit in you.

Do you not know the power and authority available to you!

The Spirit within you has power to heal sickness, demolish strongholds, break chains and release prisoners.

You have power to trample serpents and drink poison without harm.

Have you not read how Paul was locked in a prison cell and I sent an angel to release him.

or how the blind beggar received his sight or how a man who lived in the tombs was set free.

Do you not beleive ??

Test my word's and see if they are not trustworthy.

You must have no doubt in your heart or mind.

Be absolutely convinced and see your declarations come to pass.

Blessed are those who believe without seeing

Might I remind you, your prayer has been heard and presented before my father who judges with righteousness and truth.

Have you not heard that the kingdom of heaven is within you

It is time to call it forth

It is time to bring heaven to earth

I know you!

I was there when you walked by the hurting thinking I would not answer!

I was there when the lame were before you yet you failed to speak out and offer prayer!

You are despised because you are luke warm !

You say you believe yet act as though you don't !

You have been given power yet fail to use it !

Stop it ! Now !

Believe in Me and my Word!

Trust me

I shall not fail you

The time has come to put your faith into action.

Heal the sick

Cast out demons

Break chains

Deliver the opressed

Bring release to the captives

Raise the dead.

Bring wealth were there is poverty

Bring provision were there is lack.

Do not be afraid I am with you.


Wednesday 8 January 2020

I am patience

I am patient says the lord
I have carried you and eased your burden
Yet you have spurned me because you think I have deserted you

Have I not told you I would never leave you
Have you not read my word's to you

Are you slow of mind ?

Far be it from you to spurn my leading
You have journeyed far
Just a little farther and you will reach the goal

Might I remind you

Of your great successes
Of your wonderous achievements

Yet you are not satisfied

Let greed be far from you
Let gluttony be removed
Be careful you might fail to digest your food.

I am not talking about your stomach

Let your sustainance be to do my will

Obey as you ought

And all will go well with you

Disobey me and feel my wrath for I delight in showing you my Love!


Even my wrath is poured out for your good!

I am the God who seeks your greatest good


My patience is Love
My hate is Love.
My kindness is Love.
My anger is Love.

My desire is to bless mankind

I am coming soon

The trumpet shall sound


Sunday 5 January 2020

Look and see

Look and see the glory of the king

See his wonderful deeds
His awesome majesty

Too wondrous to behold
He sends refreshing rain on the land, it quenches harmful flames.

I looked and saw clouds full to the brim and winds from the west

Let there be downpours from heavens storehouse

Do not despair! I am a creative God I shall renew the land

I shall show my glory