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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Sovereign Lord

Be at peace because I am the Sovereign Lord

It is I who planned the stars

It is I who steers the planets

It is I who causes the rain and the snow

I created all things

I created you

And I love you beyond your understanding

You were designed for communion with me

I am leading you into green pastures

There is much to be done

See how the sparrow works to build its nest in season it gathers food for its young

I provide all a sparrow needs yet the sparrow has to gather it in

So I send you after the harvest

The time is now

There are souls who hunger and thirst

I appoint you to reach them

If not you


If not now


So give a portion of bread to those who hunger

And drink to those that thirst

In this way you will meet the requirements of love

Give to those in need

Grant freedom to the captives

Redeem the judged

Pour out healing balm on the hurting

See to it that no one is poor or needy


Testing and trials

Dear children

Many have gone through testing times

But remain strong and keep your faith

I am with you throughout to the end

All things will be resolved in due course

Have patience and do not be discouraged

Am I not faithful

Am I not a provider

Am I not a healer

I am all these things and more

You are my children whom I dearly love

I created you

I put my spirit in you

I have taken away your sin and your shame

So be encouraged

Let my Word comfort you

I have commanded you to love yourself and your neighbor.

Be kind to yourself and trust in my promises

Let the knowledge that comes from me guide you

I am speaking to you all the time so be attentive to my voice

I will never lead you astray but will guide you to my throne of grace.

Find power and authority in my arms


Tuesday, 29 December 2020

The day of release

Today the freedom of the holy ghost is made available to you

You have asked and prayed

today is the day of release

In times gone by they sought the holy spirit and had to pray and seek and wait

I tell you this very day the holy spirit will be released to you in full measure

Nothing will be held back

Seek him now and begin your journey toward empowerment

And they full of the holy spirit did exceedingly great deeds

It shall be no less for you

You will do exceedingly great exploits and wonderful miracles in his awesome power

So I tell you be encouraged for this very hour those who have sought him will find him

I declare a day of release for you

I declare a day of victory

The power of the enemy over your life and those close to you will be vanquished


Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Heart song

Father we sing a song

From our heart to you heart

We praise your mighty name

Let the blind see your mighty works and praise your name

Let the lame walk and dance to your heart's beat

Let them find the true rhythm and walk in step with you

Let your light penetrate the darkness in this season and every other

Let the deaf hear your words and sing your praises

Let us sing the love song of Jesus

And offer you our hearts

Let your message be shared across the globe

May it be that we place our mouths and tongues at your disposal

May it be that we never speak our own words for our own agenda and own benefit

You are sovereign lord

You are mighty God

You are prince of peace and wonderful counsellor


Thursday, 10 December 2020

The Deal

I am the God who loves all men

For I created all things

Man turned away from me

And sold his rights

But I came to redeem man

And purchase back his rights

When I accomplished that all power was given to me by my father

I want you to exchange you pain and heartache for comfort and joy

Come to me and receive from my hand

Everything you need to be the best person you can be is waiting for you

Come claim your best future

Its hidden in me

Let me come inside and bless you with everything you need to be the best person you can be

I am your provider

I am life

I am the way

I am the truth

I am healer

I am saviour

My name is Jesus

And I have conquered death

Hell has been vanquished along with its curse

So that's the deal you make with me

Exchange your pain, sorrow,bitterness, jealousy ,

For freedom ,joy ,righteousness and love

You exchange man's worst for heaven's best

Take the deal

None can offer one like it.

Amen .