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Wednesday 30 June 2021

Peace be unto you

Father, Let your peace invade the earth

Let your holiness be magnified in mens hearts

Let blind eyes be opened

Let the lame walk and the deaf hear

Be at peace my child

For I am the creator of all things

I know all things 

You are my beloved

I am coming to claim my bride 

let there be a purging and a seperating

let all evil be cleansed from the earth.

begin in the here and the now 

let there be signs in the heavens above and the earth below

let prophecy increase 

let signs and wonders increase across the earth

let there be financial miracles for the poor

let the homeless be housed 

let those in hospital be healed 

let mountains be moved and droughts cease let there be an overnight growth of food for the those in areas of famine

let wars cease


Wednesday 16 June 2021

Heart plea

Father God

I am a broken man

I stand before you naked and blind

Clothe me with your compassion

Open the eyes of my heart

You are mighty

You know all things

Pour out your blessing and be unto me holiness and righteousness

The carnal man sees emptiness but the eyes of faith see a full table

Oh that I see with eyes of faith

I pour out my heart before you my God and King

You are the God who binds the broken hearted

I am holding you to your promise my God

Become my righteousness

Become my holiness

Become my peace


Two men

Two men both at the end of their lives

Both mistreated each other one forgave and found redemption

The other at the end if their life was bitter and twisted

From his bed he made one final act of cruelty

As he lay there he desperately needed to feel loved he wanted to forgive too but his heart was bitter and he refused to yeild.

Both men died that night

At the gate when facing final judgement

One said I wanted to forgive but could not find it in my heart

The angel behind the gate said that he had done everything asked of him except stop being cruel to others

Then he was cast into darkness

Meanwhile the other man still sobbing from the other mans final gesture was met with open arms

He had given up everything

Both started in the same place

But finished miles apart


Awesome God

 My lord you are awesome and mighty

None can compare with you

You love without conditions

Simply because its your nature to love

Indeed you are the embodiment of love

Your sacrifice opened the way back

You stand ready and are awaiting my welcome

So I welcome you with open arms 

My lord you are too wonderful too awesome too mighty beyond comprehension

Yet I can know you as abba father 

I am wretched pitiful poor and blind 

I come to you my lord knowing im a sinful man 

Forgiven and declared righteous by your authority and power

Fear not my child I have redeemed you

You are mine

You will dine at my table

I have appointed you to lead

Others will look to you and by your example they will follow you 

They will follow you as they followed me

I shall give you a new name because you have been redeemed

You shall sing in zion and declare my name to the lost

You will live on hallowed ground every step you take from this day forward will take you further into victory

For I have ordained great and wonderous things for you

I plan to prosper you 

I plan to restore you 

I shall take your burden and cast it into the depths of the sea