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Tuesday 22 August 2023

Angels of light with a message

I heard the voice of the Lord. 


See, I am sending angels of light with a message of caution for my people

Take heed of my message for the  evil one loves to disguise himself and will decieve many

He will cause you to speak and act out of panic and insecurity 

Believe me, I shall bring serenity and peace amidst turmoil 

The world may collapse around you and many will lose their peace but you come close to me and 

I shall draw close you and indeed shall dwell within you 

learn to think my thoughts and speak my words 

for my thoughts are not your thoughts and my words are not your words 

Man's thoughts and words fail 

but my words remain and are powerful to demolish strongholds and principalites 

speak a message of destruction to that problem that blights your life 

the evil one will try to intimidate and cause fear to rise up within you 

but remain strong for my powerful word dwells within your heart