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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Remember offences no more

I  remember your offences no more.

I have blotted them out of my mind

For I lavished my Love upon you.

I present you as blameless before my

I chose you above all creation to pour my Love into.

I shall fill you to overflowing.

There shall be no room for doubt or fear.

Love shall be your heart, I shall give you my Heart.

Behold everything that is mine is yours

My  hand is open and I am standing beside you

Do not hold back.

Take from my hand, it is yours.

My dear beloved you are so precious to me.

I gave myself for you.

You have a share in my Kingdom. You shall rule with me for I have bestowed upon you the keys of the Kingdom

No door to blessings shall remain locked.

The holder of keys is beside you. Ask and the door will be opened

The Kingdom is yours. I am your helper. Declare your hearts desire in my courts and yield to my rulings for I am a perfect judge who knows all things, nothing is secret from me

Yet you have an adversary. He does not want what I want , indeed he seeks to bring  confusion to your mind.

You are my child, within you, beats the heart of the Lion of Judah.

For you are my offspring.

So I tell you out of your heart your mouth shall speak.

I gave you my Heart when I redeemed you.

Do you know me my child, am I still a stranger to you.

Come to me and you shall dine with me at my table.

A feast is prepared and waiting for you.

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