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Friday, 15 January 2021

The remnant

 Surely it is time for the remnant to arise

This year 2021 is the year the spirit of resurrection will come to you

Its time to rise up stand up and speak out

the spirit of death and decay will be vanquished

Do you see it?

Do you perceive it?

God is going to restore the remnant of the church

Speak and command the spirit of death to leave 

Bind it in chains on iron

Speak and command the spirit of decay to depart from you

Today is the day

Now is the time 



Speak out

Call forth your Victory 

Call forward you salvation

Be resilient and your house will be restored

Be strong and courageous and despite your circumstances 

begin to praise the lord 

Worship the lord with all your strength and he will embolden you with power from on high


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