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 I have seen your deeds I am El shaddai God Almighty It is I who open doors for my children  It is I who closes doors too I am like a shephe...

Sunday, 30 October 2022

Never Alone

 My child look deep within.

Do you not perceive me?

I am the source of all things both seen and unseen 

I am the first and the last 

I know you as beloved  

I am in you

I am also in the father

So don't be alarmed when I reveal myself

You are my dear child

As you mature more of my will shall be  revealed

I want you to know my will 

Search the scriptures

Look at my dealings with men

Do you find me unfaithful? 

Do you find me absent? 

Even though you don't sense my presence I have always been close by

I am within reach

My hand is always open and toward you

Reach out and take hold 

I shall guide you 

I shall accomplish mighty things in these days

All things shall be done according to my will

You shall lead those who  don't know me

You shall be a good friend and lead them through the darkness 

You shall be a warning and a guide as a lighthouse in rough seas 

Do not be dismayed I am the keeper of the house 

I know when and where to both shine and direct 

Follow my leading and my path 


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