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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Awesome God

Praise the Lord
Bless Him for all He has done

He has created all things and sustains them by His Word.

All authority is His

He parted the seas and makes his presence known in pillars of fire and the smoke.
He stores up rain and hail
He guides the wind and ordains the paths of the seas
He alone knows the stars by name

He orders the paths of the planets and keeps their orbits.

He hung the world on nothing and keeps it by His sovereign will.

Who is man that He even thinks us worthy?

We are His offspring!

He is our maker and sustainer.

Is He not worthy of praise and worship?

Does man store up rain for release in season?

Does man know the home of the east  wind or know the depths of the seas?

Does man  store up snow for due season?

Can man create from nothing by mere speech?

I can ! God says.

He alone is worthy
He alone is eternal

The skies proclaim His Name
The seas announce His Presence
The rocks cryout his Worth.

You are His child He knows you.

He ordained your days and your steps.

You lack because you are outside His best plan for you
You have chosen your own way and ordained your own path.

Come back to His best future for you

Be restored to His will for you

He created you and gave you purpose

Be found in Him Today

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