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A new Season

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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Take Heed !

Remember  judgement will come by plague and famine and sword,

for it has been ordained since times gone by.

Adulterers and fornicators will come under judgement together with the saints.

Take heed !

Listen !

Take warning !

Time is short !

I shall come when you least expect it!

Do not be unprepared!

Do not take grace and trample it by not being thankful!

Remember the lepers! Only 1 sought Him out and gave thanks.

Many will escape, as through flames, their deeds will be burned up and will recieve their due reward.

but those who have stored up treasure in heaven will have an abundance

Be like the few not the many.

Take heed I have spoken.

Be found in me for I am the embodiment of love. Those found in me shall live and they shall judge. Even the angels shall come under their judgement for they have proved themselves worthy.

I am the door to blessing, mercy and honour.

Come to me my children.

Let me gather you as a swan gathers her chicks.

Nestle under my wings.

I shall protect you with wings of power and might and strength.

Find shelter from the wind and waves under my wings.

I shall teach and admonish.

I shall love and warn.

I shall  heal and curse.

Dont be alarmed for I have already cursed death. It's power vanquished.

I have cursed sickness and wrought healing for your body.

Better to have little with a heart of love and peace than to have great wealth with bitterness and turmoil.   

A man who sits in the dark is lost but the man who rests in the light sees all.

The virgin who keeps her oil lamp burning is prepared but the lazy shall suffer.

I am coming for my bride, there shall be feasting at my table

Get ready !

Be prepared !

I have spoken.

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