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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Come let us rebuild our city (part 2)

I called the elders of the city to meet me under the great tree in the outer court.

They came and met with me, grumbling about the walls of the city

So I said to them, 'Do not be dismayed for I have the favor of my king!

See he has already sent supplies and provisions and everything we need to rebuild the city'.

I took them to the harbour and they saw ships I had brought.

They marveled at the generosity of my king.

So they called the people of the city and gathered labourers and skilled men of all kinds.

They began to rebuild their city with each clan, tribe and house given a section to rebuild

So the elders set about rebuilding the city.

Soon word spread about what we were doing and a cheer went up and the people marveled at the things we were doing.

I looked and saw childern dancing in the street and musicians playing the harp and the lyre.

The people marveled at the sight and were greatly encouraged

Our bitter enemy looked and saw what we were beginning to accomplish and they were terrified 'If we can destroy their city and ruin its people and yet they have begun to do this. What have they planned for us ? They were greatly discouraged, many of them fled, just a handful remained.

When the elders saw the enemy fleeing they were greatly encouraged and sent word to the skilled fighting men and present themselves to those of our enemy that remain. So it was done, When our bitter enemy saw us coming they to fled so they gave chase. They chased them shouting and waving their spears as far as the cities outer limits. They sent word to the city elders and a great cry wentout from the people of the city. And so the enemy was routed on that day. 

The gates of the city were set in place and its towers and walls rebuilt.

People flocked from all the land to see the works we had achieved.

They marveled at the wonders of the city.

Jehovah Jireh provides and has given his angels charge over you.


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