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Fire and justice

 Justice and fire shall come upon you  I am fire  I am justice My spirit of breakthrough and revival shall come to you  Be encouraged for I ...

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Brothers in Arms

Take note of your brother for they are a valuable asset

There is much that can be done when brothers work together

Dont repay or seek vengeance for that belongs to God

But be careful to show kindness to all

Even those who have offended you

Remember those that don't know me

They shall see me in you

For I shine as the noon day sun even in the darkest of nights

I tell you be of good cheer for your brother in arms shall battle your corner

And when you fight together against any enemy remember I am with you for I contend with those who contend with you

So be encouraged speak well of your enemy for I love all men unconditionally.

What reward is there if you love only those who love you

So I tell you before you go to war against your mortal enemy remember that I desire that all men come to me and that none be lost.

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