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Sunday, 15 November 2020

Mountains and seas

 Even though the mountains crumble and the seas rage

I will praise you my Lord my God

Even though my enemies assail against me

I will honour the name of the Lord

For he is almighty God

If I am poor I will praise you my Lord my God

If I have riches beyond the dreams of avarice I will honour you my Lord my God 

Where can I find true acceptance my Lord my God

It is found in you alone 

All my needs are met in you my Lord

Even though I have nowhere to lay my head 

I will not deny you

I am weary and burdened 

Yet I praise you my Lord my God

The Lord is sovereign and royal 

He alone governs kings

By his hand rulers rise and fall

Let my people rejoice for I am coming on the clouds 

Be attentive to my voice 

Listen and I will teach you the way you should go

Open your heart and I will refresh your spirit


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