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Fire and justice

 Justice and fire shall come upon you  I am fire  I am justice My spirit of breakthrough and revival shall come to you  Be encouraged for I ...

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Flowers and nectar

 Draw near to me my child and I will speak to you

Consider the flowers of the field 

Only for a short while are they clothed in glory

Then they cease

Their time in the field is short

Yet whilst they are here do they not supply sweet nectar to the birds and bees

They support many 

And yeild many offspring

You are like the flower that feeds the birds

Because you are found in me you have a nectar sweet as honey 

It feeds the lost, the vulnerable, the lonely , the outcast 

They shall gather around my people 

For they have my  heart 

You shall be like the flower in the field 

Rooted in good soil and glorious

You will feed many 

You will produce much fruit 

You will bear offspring as numerous as the stars

Use your time in the field wisely for it is short


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