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A new Season

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Friday, 19 June 2020

A blessing

May the Lord bless your land
and give you the cattle of a thousand hills
may he increase your flocks and give to you the best the land has to offer

May heaven's finest dew be yours.
May the waters of the deep rise up and quench the parched land.
May the suns finest be yours and the ancient mountains choicest gifts fill your basket.

Let the best of the earth be yours and the favour of Him who dwelt in the burning bush be yours

May you become a prince among your brothers.
May you lead your family to greatness.
May you rule the nations and be king of everything he gives you.

Let the earth give to you the crops of the fields.
May you increase in wealth and gain the riches of the earth

Let the suns light lead you by day and the moons by night.

May your descendants be as the stars, too numerous to count.

May He teach you his precepts
May He guide your steps
May He enlighten you with wisdom and knowledge.

Let Him give to you His peace and let him show you His mercy and favour.


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