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Tuesday, 9 June 2020

songs of praise

Let us fill our hearts with songs of praise.

The eternal anthem sound.

That Christ is Lord and God and King.

His Blood hath set us free.

He alone hath made the heavens.

He alone mapped out the stars.

And we His children, always ready,  to obey His word, come what may!

If we should sin.

In Him, forgiveness shall we find.

And comfort, healing balm and blessed rest from pain and wounds and worried days.

So thus we find, through night and day.

He is our friend, both true and kind.

He alone is God Almighty

He alone is King of kings

Yet he wants to be your friend.

and He your hearts desire

Do not resist

Do not say no

Accept Him, today , and you will find His strength and power and might will begin to work within your spirit, soul and body.

He is your righteousness.

You are presented without fault, before the Highest Judge of all.

Innocent and blameless are you found, for you have been redeemed.

Another paid the price in your stead, you have been set free.


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