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Saturday, 9 April 2022

I am your deliverer

 The Lord replied, “Did I not rescue you from the Egyptians, the Amorites, the Ammonites, the Philistines, the Sidonians, the Amalekites, and the Maonites? When they oppressed you, you cried out to me for help, and I rescued you.

Judges 10:11‭-‬12 NLT

Be sure I shall deliver you from the enemies' hands says the lord.

I shall turn their swords into plough shares 

You may think that I shall grant you victory over them 

But I shall soften their heart toward you

Remember how I have been faithful to you in all my dealings with you

You have traveled far and overcome many trials

I shall remember your deeds

I was there when you gave that beggar a coat

I was there when you offered the homeless shelter

I was there when you dressed the wounds of the afflicted

For as surely as you have done these things to the least of my children you have done it to me

You claim you have not seen me 

 Open your eyes and look

 I am all around you 

Do you not see me when you look upon the homeless 

Do you not see me when you see the blind 

I tell you I am everywhere 

I shall return in glory when everything has reached its fulfillment

But for now, seek me among the least of my children

For its such as these that need me

Seek me among the lost I am their guide

Seek me among the blind I am their eyes

Seek me among the deaf I am their ears

What need do the healthy have of a doctor

Or the sighted a guide

As surely as the sun rises and sets 

I shall be a guide to the blind and offer salve to the afflicted

Turn to me and you will be amazed at the outpouring you will receive

You have sown and watered in good soil

Now its time to reap the harvest

The time is now


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