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Monday, 2 May 2022

Stolen blessings

I am the lord almighty there is none like me

I am creator redeemer and saviour

I created the world and the stars in their vast array

The seen and the unseen both large and small I created it all

I came to redeem that which was lost and stolen

I came to save the world from the curse of death

I see your heart

My beloved I want to restore you

I shall grant to you everything that is stored up for you 

My lord I pour out praise and I magnify your name 

You are sovereign above all 

Your name stands above all other names

Creation sings a song of praise to you my lord

I have instructed my angels concerning you 

They have brought lost and stolen blessings with them 

I shall bring you your hearts desire 

Your life will be renewed today 

I tell you your soul will see heaven in all its vast array

Its time to worship the lord 

Praise the name of the lord 

Lift his name high in front of men

Let men see him as he truly is 


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