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 I have seen your deeds I am El shaddai God Almighty It is I who open doors for my children  It is I who closes doors too I am like a shephe...

Tuesday, 19 July 2022


 Those who are in me who's names are written in the book of life cannot be shaken 

The bride of christ cannot be shaken

But I will shake the earth 

Everything not rooted in me shall fall 

Be sure to remain rooted 

Everything that is built upon sand will fall

I am a rock a solid foundation 

It is I who appoint the leaders of the nations 

Don't be concerned with the systems of this world 

But seek first my kingdom 

I have bought back dominion and offer it without cost to those who become my children 

You are co-heirs with Christ 

And he has vanquished the curse of death

His death bought for you freedom, not from tyranny or oppression but sin and death 


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