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A new Season

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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

A time of Favour

My children your time of favour is at hand, for I have remembered your suffering. It pains my heart to look upon your pain.

Look at the Sun and Moon. Does not the Moon  reflect the Sun's light in the darkness of night. Does not the seas water give light too.

I am there with you in the darkness. Look for signs. Watch. Search. Be vigilant and you will find them.

I am with you always. Align yourself to my Spirit. Let us tarry together and commune with one another.

Look for me and you will find me.

Do not leave the place I have brought you to. Move forward with intention and foresight.

Look at the trees how they search out water in arid regions . At the surface it looks like a desert. But the water is down deep in a reservoir

Trees that have shallow roots fall quickly. But trees that have deep roots remain sturdy even in strong  gales.

My strongest warriors have come through the hardest battles. Hardened as iron yet still be able to weep at injustice.

My heart weeps with yours.

I have become weary of seeing your suffering, I am raising up men and women even children in my strength, they shall do exploits. They shall quench thirsty lands and nations. They shall deliver my righteous justice to all people. They shall be as light to all men. They shall drive out evil from the highest of places. Many are those who would oppose me but they are as grass to the oxen. Pain. Misery. Suffering shall all be swollowed up in my victory. For my victory is absolute and final.       

Be at peace my child.

My blessings are coming
My favour is coming
My honour is coming
My riches are coming

Open your hands

Get ready for I am about to pour out blessing.

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