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A new Season

 There is a new season coming  A season of opening Open doors  Open opportunity Open heavens  I am opening doors for you simply because i de...

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Life from death!

A glass tumbler is filled with water and placed in the light soon it goes stagnant and becomes infested.

The dead, infested  and stagnant shall become as fresh water when my river flows into it once more 

The reservoir of your soul shall be filled to overflow

I declare there to be Life were once there was death 

For I am the  God of new and fresh things 

Those who come to me shall be renewed with vitality and new giftings for new seasons.

Healing and  Wholeness are found in my Kingdom

My Kingdom shall never end 

Behold I have bestowed upon you Keys to doors long held shut.

Whatever you declare in my Name and not doubt shall be done for you, for I am for you, not against you. 

All my words are  spoken for your benefit and your healing.


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