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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Seek me

Seek me and you will find me.

I am not distant or far away.

I am closer than your own shadow.

I have put my Spirit in you.

Do you not know the power and authority available to you!

The Spirit within you has power to heal sickness, demolish strongholds, break chains and release prisoners.

You have power to trample serpents and drink poison without harm.

Have you not read how Paul was locked in a prison cell and I sent an angel to release him.

or how the blind beggar received his sight or how a man who lived in the tombs was set free.

Do you not beleive ??

Test my word's and see if they are not trustworthy.

You must have no doubt in your heart or mind.

Be absolutely convinced and see your declarations come to pass.

Blessed are those who believe without seeing

Might I remind you, your prayer has been heard and presented before my father who judges with righteousness and truth.

Have you not heard that the kingdom of heaven is within you

It is time to call it forth

It is time to bring heaven to earth

I know you!

I was there when you walked by the hurting thinking I would not answer!

I was there when the lame were before you yet you failed to speak out and offer prayer!

You are despised because you are luke warm !

You say you believe yet act as though you don't !

You have been given power yet fail to use it !

Stop it ! Now !

Believe in Me and my Word!

Trust me

I shall not fail you

The time has come to put your faith into action.

Heal the sick

Cast out demons

Break chains

Deliver the opressed

Bring release to the captives

Raise the dead.

Bring wealth were there is poverty

Bring provision were there is lack.

Do not be afraid I am with you.


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