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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

I am patience

I am patient says the lord
I have carried you and eased your burden
Yet you have spurned me because you think I have deserted you

Have I not told you I would never leave you
Have you not read my word's to you

Are you slow of mind ?

Far be it from you to spurn my leading
You have journeyed far
Just a little farther and you will reach the goal

Might I remind you

Of your great successes
Of your wonderous achievements

Yet you are not satisfied

Let greed be far from you
Let gluttony be removed
Be careful you might fail to digest your food.

I am not talking about your stomach

Let your sustainance be to do my will

Obey as you ought

And all will go well with you

Disobey me and feel my wrath for I delight in showing you my Love!


Even my wrath is poured out for your good!

I am the God who seeks your greatest good


My patience is Love
My hate is Love.
My kindness is Love.
My anger is Love.

My desire is to bless mankind

I am coming soon

The trumpet shall sound


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