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A new Season

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Monday, 20 January 2020

Seek me and you will find me

Be blessed.

Seek me and you will find me.

I am not distant or far away.

For I breathed my essence into you when you first came to me !

Have you forgotten ?

Do you not know ?

I have placed my very self within you!

Have you lost your way ?

Pray and yeild to my leading for I am not one to lead you to ruin!

Far from it!

I am the God who seeks your best interest.

I desire to be close to you as I am close to my father!

Do not be like those who use my name and yet are far from me!

You will say Lord did we not heal the sick in your name.

Truly I say to you become wise and humble yourself.

Know me as I know my Father.

And all will go well with you.

The God of all comfort and compassion seeks to know you.

Draw close to me and I will draw close to you.


Know me.


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