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A new Season

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Saturday, 15 February 2020

The Most Holy Place

You have journeyed far

you are tired and weary

Just a little further

You have reached the Holy Place

Look and see ! The curtain has been rent in two

Come commune with me in the Most Holy Place

Make it your dwelling

No longer is the Most Holy Place a physical room in a tent or house

But is found in right relationship with my Son

So come and walk with Me

You have not journeyed alone for I have been with you

The cabod of God is waiting for you

Become a sibling of my child Israel.

A Holy Nation

My chosen people

Have I not told you ?

Do you not understand ?

Join with Israel and be blessed .

Why journey this hard road? It has surely been a difficult road

But blessing awaits for you !

Do not be troubled for I will not let you see ruin!

I have your best interests at heart!

I have a plan to prosper you!

To heal you!

Come closer and step across the threshold into the Most Holy Place and commune with me

Let my Glory overshadow you

Let my presence heal you for all who truly commune with me are blessed beyond measure!


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