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A new Season

 There is a new season coming  A season of opening Open doors  Open opportunity Open heavens  I am opening doors for you simply because i de...

Sunday, 16 February 2020

You will inherit the land

You will inherit the land I promised your ancestors

Do not be discouraged

You have been placed where you are since the beginning of your journey

Now it's time take the role you have been prepared for

Lead your flock into the land I promised your ancestors

The land is green and lush with plenty of precious jems and ores for mining

Fit for cattle, sheep and herds of many kinds

Do not be alarmed

Your purpose shall be to muster the people and give them strength

They look to you

When you have crossed over into the land

Your flocks and herds will flourish
You will become rich in ores and gem stones

You will become a blessing to the nations around you

Your enemies will fear you they will be unable to fight against you for I have discouraged them


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