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A new Season

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Saturday, 22 February 2020

Become One

Be as one.

I and my father are one

I am in the father and the father is in me

You too can know unity

Change your view

Look from the heights

Ascend to the heights and look out on the land from there.

See how mountains look like flat plains

Indeed rise above and see

Become like the eagle and soar

Spy out the land

Search the winds and rise on the updraft

You will do it for I have ordained unity for you

Do not be discouraged

I have given my angels charge over you

look for them.

They are with you now

They have with them everything you need to overcome this present crisis

Become like the Son for the Son is whole and righteous

Come to Him and wear the royal garments he has given you

For you are now a child of a King

Your kingdom is to be known for peace, prosperity, kindness, grace, power and love.

You have been given a spirit of power and of love and a sound mind.

Declare it

Believe it

Let knowledge sink into your spirit through the gates of your soul.

Do not let any unwholesome thing enter your soul for it will pollute your soul and embitter your spirit.

The unwholesome are obvious: jealosy, rage, bitterness, envy, greed, avarice and the like.

My Spirit will contend with such things

Yet be encouraged for perfect love casts out these things.

Come close to me and be blessed

Become united with me and see restoration and healing and cleansing for both you and your household.



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