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A new Season

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Sunday, 29 March 2020

What can I do ?

He is an Awesome God

He sits in the throne room of the temple in heaven

listening to our prayers

His desire is that none should perish

He rejoices over everyone who comes to Him

He seeks the best outcome for all men whether they worship Him or not

For He loves His creation, He is Abba Father

He seeks to reveal His plan to you

Ask Him what he is doing

Ask Him what you can do to help him for you are not a slave or servant but a son

You should share the same vision for He is your Father

Learn to commune with Him

You should possess His mind

Learn about His interaction with man throughout  history as recorded in the scriptures

You should love what He loves and hate what He hates

He loves all men

You should do the same

He seeks the best for all men

You should do the same

He shows compassion to all men

You should do the same


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